New Release | Future Fires – ‘Midnight Sky’ Video

Birmingham Band Future Fires Release Video for ‘Midnight Sky

Future Fires have had an establishing year so far, with playing a number of UK shows and releasing some of their first songs. Earlier this year they released ‘Far’, which was featured here on WFM, now the band have released follow up track ‘Midnight Sky’ with eye catching video.

The track has that Oasis swag on it with the guitars and the larger than life personality of frontman Adam Norman, as it comes across very well on the video. The attitude fuelled guitars have a sharp chop to them, which lends itself well to the energy that the band look to produce in their performances. It seems as though the band are getting the knack of writing catchy songs which are easy to like, and if they continue the way they’re going 2018 could be a key year for the band.

After two tracks it’s easy to say Future Fires have got a 2/2 strike rate, even with the videos they’re very well produced and add something to the songs. It’s clear that they want to do everything properly and only put their name to something they’re truly happy with, anything less simply won’t do. Looking forward to see what the end of the year will bring for them, maybe they even may have an eye on starting to record their debut EP!

Words by Alex Wise


New Release | The Sunset Beach Hut – ‘Upside-Down’

The sunset beach hut

Shrewsbury Show Talent with The Sunset Beach Hut releasing ‘Upside Down’

Earlier this year The Sunset Beach Hut released their debut single ‘Comfort’, which got a lot of positive feedback, and I can confidently state that their new track will do the same. ‘Upside Down’ is a bright sun-kissed track to give you that last feel of Summer before Autumn hits.

This distinctive bassline jumps in front of you just before this euphoric indie dream pop riff bursts through in the background acting as a beacon of light, bringing the song to life. The high tone vocals are a joy to listen to and overall add to the bright sunburst style of the track. “We’re Upside Down” lead singer Aphra Smith sings as she gives the feeling of being lost in the world and not knowing what to do, and it’s so well delivered.

The Sunset Beach Hut are definitely a band to be keeping an eye, especially with how early you’ll be catching them in their musical career. 2018 has been a very successful year for the band, it’s clear that in 2019 should serve up more of the same as the indie pop band will continue to grow!

Words by Alex Wise

Watch the Video Below!

New Release | Julian Wa – ‘Bloom’

Julian Wa - Bloom

Australian Artist Julian Wa stuns with Debut Single ‘Bloom

A debut single can always be a terrifying task, because it’s the first song you want to push out there to represent you as an artist. However with Julian Wa it seems as if there was no anticipation, because the record reeks of confidence due to how good it is.

Listen Below:

The song at it’s core has some folk tendencies, with the storytelling, the pace and strumming of the guitar. Yet Julian took it to another place, adding euphoric sound effects, some which you may hear on a Tame Impala record. The sounds of distant waves, electronic whirring and blunt guitars blend so well together making the track stand out.

This is the work of some masterful production and a fearless attitude when it comes to trying new things. The levels on the track are light and tender, along with the vocals helping create some sort of dream world, it’s beautiful.

Looking forward to see what else Julian can offer before the end of the Year, as this is only the start of the musical adventure.

Words by Alex Wise

New Release | The Fauna – ‘Love You A Different Way’

The Fauna - Love you a Different Way.JPG

The Fauna showcase that Birmingham isn’t all about Banging Indie Guitar Music!

Birmingham’s music scene at the moment is full of young vibrant bands with a strong community and an arsenal of songs, all covering various genres. The Fauna have released something a bit different, which leans much further towards to the pop rock side.

Their debut track ‘Love You A Different Way’ has all the qualities of a pop/rock song, being centered around love, the smooth guitar and the heartfelt vocals over the top

Listen Below!

The guitar solo in the middle is impressive as it ties the song together, with a touch of overdrive lingering in the background. Combined with the little breakdown at the end where it tuns a bit funky, with the sharp chops of the guitar and the band singing “Should I love you a different way”, is a really cool touch.

This is further proof that the Birmingham music scene is growing and there’s something here for everyone. Hope you like the track, leave comments below!

Words By Alex Wise @AJWise

New Release | The Recreation – ‘Jealous Lovers’

The Recreation - Jealous Lovers

Manchester Band The Recreation deliver with New Song ‘Jealous Lovers’

This is a debut for The Recreation on WFM, and I’m very glad to introduce them to our audience! The Manchester band boast a classic indie guitar style, with subtle influences from the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, The Maccabees and Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Since forming in 2014 the band have been refining their sound, and with this song it seems pretty clear that they have cemented their vibe to the ground. The guitar work within it is really tight, with quick hooks constantly ringing in your ear, while Owen Baldwin on vocals lays out some solid lyrics. The guitar solo is tidy and follows that suit as it pierces through at it’s first chance.

Could easily see this track being played to a sea of drunken people as they stamp the ground and scream to the top of their lungs. This is a strong indie track, and The Recreation are another band everyone should have on their radar! Enjoy!

Make sure you keep up to date with the band and follow them! – Twitter 

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise



New Release | Courtyards – ‘Backseat’

Courtyards - Backseat

Courtyards are back with Brand New Track ‘Backseat’!

Earlier this year Huddersfield band Courtyards achieved Single of the Week for their efforts on Hear You Call’.  This led the band to on to an interview, where we found a ton more about the band, which you can read up on here!Well the band are back with their latest track ‘Backseat’ today, and it’s clear the band haven’t lost a step since their last release.

The band stick to their large anthemic sounds, featuring guitar riffs with large personalities and drums which have no room to breath. The song very much falls into that indie rock, similar to that of Catfish and the Bottlemen at times, as you could easily hear their songs being played to large crowd drenched in beer and sweat. The guitars and vocals in the chorus are euphoric, which is largely down to their reverb soaked sound.

Honestly Courtyards have become another of my favourite bands discovered this year as they have so much potential, and keep constantly delivering. This should sound off a good end of year for the band, which leaves the mind wondering to what could be coming up next year!

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Words By Alex Wise @AJWise

New Release | Mr E Bear – ‘Perfect By Design’

Scottish Caveman Mr E Bear Releases a Catchy Little Number

Of course Mr E Bear is not a caveman, although he does state on his facebook profile that he resides in a cave in Scotland. This a debut for Mr E Bear on WFM, as we haven’t crossed paths musically before, however his new track ‘Perfect By Design’ is a catchy little number.

Perfect By Design’ has a very frank and direct approach, because it comes across like he’s having a conversation with you in song form. It’s this conversational/storytelling style which makes the track very approachable and have a certain charm, especially with the unmissable thick Scottish accent .

The structure and and production of the song is very simple, as you’ve got a guitar, some drums and vocals, giving it a Lo-Fi sound. Along with this, the video is also cut from the same DIY cloth because it’s been recorded by the artist on a phone – which makes it more endearing! The song has been released on Beary Good Records, which is great as it adds to its underground, independent DIY style which is always admirable. Enjoy!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

New Release | Holy Golden – ‘Lost Island’

New York Duo Holy Golden Release New Track ‘Lost Island’!

Holy Golden have released their brand new track ‘Lost Island’  along with a lush, beach laden video. The infectiously bright song is the first the band has released since their album Otherworld ealier this year, and it’s safe to say they’ve kept up their consistency.

The track seeps into the world of dream pop, while still having some light indie tendencies. The style of the band really comes through in this track, as they once again deliver on all fronts. The vocals provided by Leslie Schott are a key feature throughout, as the soft delicate tones give so much to their overall sound. It’s lazy day vibe allows you to completely relax, something that the band acheived on their Otherworld record. with it reaching just over the four minute mark, it gives you enough time to fall in love with it and let Holy Golden win you over.

With a track this good it had to be added to the WFM 2018 Playlist, where it sits with over 150 other top tracks.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

New Release | Spinn Release Video for ‘Shallow’

Spinn Photo By Andy Hughes - @Andyhphoto
Spinn Photo By Andy Hughes – @Andyhphoto

Spinn share Flower Filled Video for ‘Shallow’

Liverpool band Spinn are having a stellar Year, with the release of their debut EP and playing a number of sold out shows, the band are proving they have so much talent to offer.

A week or so ago, the band released their new track ‘Shallow’ and once again they seemed to outdo themselves. Well they’ve went ahead and released a video for the track, and it should make everyone smile.

See Below:

The video sees the band running down the street collecting flowers off strangers, a simple idea, but it has some really cool camera work.  I’m surprised at how long the band all lasted running down this street, if it was me it would have been a much shorter video.

Shallow’ is easily one of my favourite tracks so far this year, and Spinn are becoming one of my favourite bands I’ve discovered in 2018. The band always seem to be active playing shows, releasing exclusives, constantly on social media and delivering good music consistently. All of these things are integral to a band – you have to be persistent and be constantly active, especially in the early years. This is why Spinn are doing so well, which is great because we’re getting excellent music out of it!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


New Release | Italia 90 – ‘Tourist Estate’

Italia 90 London Band

London Band Italia 90 showcase new track ‘Tourist Estate’

A touch late getting to this track but it needed to be featured for it’s quality. Italia 90 have delivered a tune packed with dread and anger in their new track ‘Tourist Estate’. This comes after their EP back in 2017 which was a great outing, however this song seems to further define the band.

The song has this long guitar riff which is packed with a grey dull tone, and with the angry piss fuelled vocals over the top it’s hard not to feel the tension. Through the track the sound gets louder and more intense, bringing it to a fantastic close. The track has that same sort of attitude which Slaves, IDLES and Shame have, however their sound is completely different and 100% theirs.

I’m looking forward to see where Italia 90 take this new found momentum towards the end of this year, they’ve definitely become a band that I need to see live. And I can!

August 28th the band will be playing The Old Blue Last in London and you can get tickets here!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise