New Release | Ivory Wave – ‘Frankie’

Ivory Wave - 'Frankie'

One of Birmingham’s Finest Ivory Wave Release Autumn Banger ‘Frankie’

One of Birmingham’s hottest bands have released a tune which will cure those post-summer blues, welcome ‘Frankie’!

The song slips and slides as it makes you feel like the coolest in the room, which is down the the excellent musicality of the track. Having remnants of The Stone Rose and Happy Mondays, it just has that swagger which has become a trademark for Ivory Wave. Love what these guys are doing at the moment, and it won’t be long until we hear even more! In the meantime dig through their tunes, see them live and enjoy!

Catch them Live


15th – Worcester – The Marrs Bar


20th – Manchester – Night People

25th – Leeds – Lending Room


2nd – Birmingham – O2 Institute 2

Words by Alex Wise

New release | Freeda – ‘Go Home’

Freeda - Go Home

Freeda release Fun-Packed Guitar Track ‘Go Home’

Manchester based band Freed have released their new track ‘Go Home’, and it will instantly have you bouncing around the room.

Listen Below:

The track has a certain Wombats feel about it, especially with the upbeat rhythm, jumpy melody and catchy hook. You can also hear a hint of Catfish and the Bottlemen on the surface, especially the lyrical/vocal content as lead singer Sean Rowles sings “Go Home Now Darling”!

If you like what you’ve heard and want to see them live you can, check out the date below!

October 20th – This Feeling – Jimmy’s

Words by Alex Wise


New Release | Johnny Kills – ‘Seems’

Johnny Kills - Seems

Johnny Kills release Brand New Track ‘Seems’!

Johnny Kills are a three piece garage/indie rock band who span across York, Cambridge London and Brighton, a lot of places for three people to be. This is a debut for them on on WFM, and they’re making it a well worth one.

After releasing ‘Who’s Counting’ earlier on in the year, the band have built up a bit of momentum and really solidified their sound. This can be heard on their latest track ‘Seems’!

Listen Below:

Seems’ has a sense of urgency applied to it with the quick I’m late for work pace of the vocals, backed by these melodic distorted guitars! The track has a sense of glammy surf rock about it, something which has hints of Bloody Knees, Wavves and Weezer in parts.

If you wanna here more from the band, make sure you catch them live!

September 22nd –  @ The Finsbury

October 4th – @ Paper Dress Vintage

Support the Band: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

Words By Alex Wise

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New Release | Matt Portland – ‘South Destruction’

Matt Portland - South Destruction

This song had the wings and never really got off the ground, but It didn’t need to! I appreciate musical talent. London Born Matt Portland wrote, recorded, and produced this song and to achieve that all your own takes a certain breed of human, that’s skilled and determined.

The intro of guitar was ‘Pink Floydish – wish you were here’, and that automatically had me intrigued. I was looking forward to that coming back in at that chorus, where it was expanded and gave the song the Roast dinner we all crave.
You do hear it again flickering in the background behind a building of keys and relaxed drum tempo, but not how I hoped it would.

But I continued to be dragged into this song anyway, lyrically it was sincere and his vocals were sounding like Alex Turner on a Tom Odell record especially at the beginning.
Overall The heart and soul of this track was the lyrics. ‘carry on when your head drops, you pray that you will stop, the way you make a tough guy tongue tied, the way you make the dark days sunshine’.

Instantly suggested to me that we all need someone to pull our heads out of a dark cloud, and keep pushing us forward!  I feel like the sentiment conveyed has been delivered well, but just a bit apprehensive to push that boat out a bit more.

It has the qualities to be a ‘wave of lighters in the air’ kind of song, where it would be a perfect last song on the set list.

Words by Captain Sound

New Release | Indoor Pets – ‘Hi’

Indoor Pets - Phoebe Fox
Photo by Phoebe Fox

Indoor Pets Surprise us All by Releasing New Track ‘Hi

For the most part of the year Indoor Pets have kept themselves fairly quiet on the new music front, after releasing ‘So Soon’ earlier on in the year. However after signing to Wichita, and playing a few shows the momentum seems to have been really picking and this song is only just the start I believe.

Listen to the Track Below:

The bands fun-loving, carefree attitude is sprawled all across this song, as I get the vision of it being created with limitless imagination and the lyrics taken down in crayon, it’s just that fun.

One thing you’re guaranteed in an Indoor Pets track is a catchy guitar riff and frontman Jamie hitting those ridiculous high notes, and we get both! Jamie scream “I’ll never get that Hi”, which is simple yet endearing line, and when you have these overdrive guitars behind it creates a huge chorus.

Great to see the band have went into some weird direction since signing for the stunning Wichita, and hopefully we can look forward to some big announcements from the band coming soon!

What do you make of it?

Words by Alex Wise

New Release | The Novus – ‘Break’

The Novus - Break

The Novus Release Brexit Fuelled Track ‘Break’ and give a real opinion!

I think this new track by The Novus symbolises an under pressure Government, trying to keep its head above water in a post-Brexit society. And we as a country are to scared to speak up, previously and to this very day. All I know is there’s Talk of a deal, or no deal UK. And I can’t help wonder if we need to give Noel Edmonds a phone call, get deal or no deal back on the TV? Featuring Teresa May as a special guest, picking our kids and grand kids futures from 22 boxes at random, which will be filled with pros and cons. The banker will be the European Union Headquarters, offering us imported French wine on the cheap, in exchange for Boris Johnson’s resignation letter as she progresses through the game. And so on and so forth.

Some one give the government a better idea ? Now as you’ve probably gathered, I’m not a Brexit enthusiast. I’m a music fan. This song is electric from the start, and as the vocalist sang “left hand is held high, la la la la la la laaa” I instinctively raised my left hand and sang along. I was in that mad mosh pit without physically being there.

The song was a time machine, transporting me back to the 80’s. When the Smiths burst on the scene, and Morrissey spilled lyrics without a care, conveying controversy and standing by his beliefs. As did the sex pistols. this song paints that exact picture. With the lyrics ‘We’re scared to speak out, about those men who walk those carpet halls’. And I can’t help agree, and make this song one of the best I’ve heard in sometime in that context. The vocals have some mega phone effect, it’s regal, and you’ll hear it from outside as well as you would right up the front of their gig. Like the ring leader of a protest, only in dynamic, political punk-rock style.

What do you make of it?

Words by Captain Sound

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New Release | Toothpaste – ‘Bedtime’

Dream Pop band Toothpaste release New Track ‘Bedtime’

London Dream Poppers Toothpaste have released their first single of the year, and it’s steeped in DIY dream pop textures that will warm you up when listening.

As the track starts with a slow guitar and a beat so laid back that it could fall off the chair when leaning back, Toothpaste create a perfect bed of music for equally mellow vocals. The song stays around that slow melodic beat for the entirety of the track never drifting too far, as some finger clicks are introduced.

The track was produced by band member Daisy Edwards, meaning the band had a huge say int what this track sounded like at the end. However it did have some mastering work completed by Slowdive’s Simon Scott, who has an ear for this style of music, refining the track to a high standard.

The tracks has some very dark undertones to it with the lyrics, as they read “Waiting in my bed for the Perfect Time / To tell the one I love I might be dead Inside / Oh what a nice surprise”. This is at contrast with the beautiful atmosphere the band have created for us on this track, and it works so well. It’s a delicate number the band have created, one which I would love to see performed live.

Which you can see, as the band are having a FREE launch party! – Details Here

Toothpaste Single Launch Party

Hope you enjoyed the track, what did you make of the bands first release of the year?

Words by Alex Wise





New Release | Nervous Pills – ‘Our Returns Policy’

Nervous Pills

Sheffield Grunge Rockers, Nervous Pills release New Track ‘Our Returns Policy

Our Returns Policy’ is the new release from Nervous Pills – the alternative, grungey, indie rock trio consisting of 3 Sheffield lads Tom, Harry and Liam; and this debut single proves to be just as satisfying as it is catchy . After meeting at school and deciding to form a band 5 years ago; these guys have been spending some time refining their sound, and playing various gigs in and around their hometown – which included two successful stints at this years’ Tramlines fringe. Now the band have finally officially released some of their creative output for us to enjoy.

Of the top of my head, the one word to describe this band would be ‘LOUD’, but I think they deserve much more credit than that! For me, this track oozes the full-on energy associated with classic grunge and indie rock, with the band’s influences clearly including the likes of Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys and The Cribs. Their sound also manages to capture the deep, moody bass of Joy Division, alongside an air of punk rock – with bands such as Idles and Flatworms also being extremely influential to the band’s musical productivity.

When listening to ‘Our Returns Policy’, you are greeted by a wonderfully heavy introductory bass line, executing a simple yet effective riff. It feels reminiscent of something off Nirvana’s Bleach album, and is effortlessly continued throughout the song to provide the perfect mix of intensity and composure, not to mention major headbanging potential.

With the edition of some fuzzy, indie guitars and classic drums, this quickly becomes a track you could most definitely mosh to!  As well as being strangely catchy, with lyrics adhering to how capitalism draws us into buying things we later regret; the wonderful Sheffield tones of lead vocalist Harry shine through to deliver these lyrics with a relatable, non-nonsense yet passionate style, nodding towards Milburn’s Joe Carnall and early Alex Turner.

You can sense the hard work and passion these guys have put into their debut, through every aspect of both the music and singing of this track, not forgetting the atmospheric backing vocals from Tom and Liam, which really help the track to build before it’s explosive finale. By the end you’ll definitely be shouting with them loud and proud “YOU WON’T GET YOUR MONEY BACK!“.

This is an exciting debut from a band with a lot more to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for their new material and upcoming gigs in Sheffield this October!

By Megan Wood

Our Returns Policy is available of Spotify now!

Facebook: Nervous Pills

Instagram : nervouspills_band


New Release | Pizzagirl – ‘Highschool’

highschool_Press Shot.jpg

Bedroom Synth-Artist Pizzagirl release New Track ‘Highschool’

Bedroom Music Makers are one of the most interesting when it comes to listening to new music, because a lot of the time they’re completely alone when making a new track. So they know no boundaries, and each idea they have isn’t contested so you get to hear the purest form of the artist.

Pizzagirl took this route when releasing his new synth orientated track ‘Highschool’, which sounds like its been picked directly out the 80’s and on the way caught a bit of the 00’s on it’s back legs.

Listen Below:

The slow and smooth the track works it’s way over the three minute mark, giving you a solid slice of synth-pop action. The vocals are completely soaked in reverb and slightly lost in the beaming synth which raged throughout the track.

For the majority of the song the pace sits at the same tempo, which heightens its cool and overall suave feel. It sounds as if he written the song from the perspective of John Hughes out of the Brat Pack film, as he frets about losing his cool.

This has been released ahead of his sophomore EP Season 2 which will be released this November!

What did you make of the track?

Words By Alex Wise


New Release | Echo Beach! – ‘She’

Echo Beach! - She

Echo Beach! Release debut Single ‘She‘, and it’s Wonderful!

Just a week or so ago, Shrewsbury Indie-Pop band The Sunset Beach Hut released their debut track ‘Upside Down’. Now Shrewsbury boast two of the most promising bands in the UK, as Echo Beach! release their debut single ‘She’.

She’ boasts one of the most funkiest treble drenched riffs that’s been heard this year, as it lays a tasty lick behind the magnificent vocals from Paige Janey as she sings “She’s so sure / She’s so Proud!”. The song takes it’s time introducing itself to you as the introduction lasts about 25 seconds until the bass kicks, making it even sweeter when it all comes together.

The track has a very stripped back indie feel, as the song doesn’t sound crowded with elements or too washed out. It’s that song that you can stick on when you need a bit of a pick me up, when you walking out the door and you don’t feel quite ready to take on the day. Put your earphones in, walk to the beat and feel confident!

Echo Beach are still in their infancy as a band, but it sounds like they know their way round a tune, and have a very talented guitarist on their hands also.

Catch the band live, tickets and info below!

14th September – O2 Academy 3 Birmingham – Tickets

Words by Alex Wise

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