The XX – Angels

Few obvious things have happened since my last post so I thought I would just point them , went to watch The Dark Knight Rises, which was amazing, and Pete Doherty has left the rehabilitation camp because he agreed that he wasn’t serious about quitting taking drugs, so yeah two obvious things.

The XX, new song, but as usual I’ve got here late because of work and other commitments such as watching Batman, playing Batman, pretending to be Batman..What? Joke.

Here’s the tune if you haven’t heard it…

I quite like it, what I expected from The XX,  very atmospheric and chilling at the same time. Not a lot of people can get in to The XX, and I was one of these people, I think I still am because I don’t think I still fully enjoy their music. I got into The XX when I was just sitting round doing nothing, and it helped me sleep, which I think is a good thing. I couldn’t listen to it in the car because I would fall asleep.

I think this song will grown on me the more I listen to it, just feels like one of those songs.


The Vaccines – Teenage Icon

The Vaccines have a new track out, well not a new track because I heard it a couple of times before and at T in the Park, so basically they’ve got a new video out haha, if you haven’t heard it, here it is…

What do I make of this?

The Vaccines I think have established themselves as a band that are more than capable of writing a very catchy song, with catchy riffs and lyrics. But sometimes this isn’t enough for me, I’d like to think that bands have more to offer than something to shout out loud on your own. So have they evolved with this song, have they done something different? the answer to this is no they haven’t, they’ve stuck to what they know, and what they do well.

If you like The Vaccines first album and your looking for more music like that, I’m a 100% you will like this because  it’s pretty much a step in the same direction. I really like the solo in the song which was composed by the lead guitarist Freddie Cowan, his sort of made his own sound out of his solos and they really catch the melody of the song, it really fits together. Oh, and I think he’s getting cooler every time I see him.

I like the song, it’s good to put on and have a sing too. Just feels like there’s no substance to it, this does not mean I don’t like it what so ever. Make of it what you will, leave a comment and tell me what you all think of the new tune.

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The Courteeners – Something you can’t have

Left it a few days without posts, so gonna try and have to catch up with everything that’s been happening.

First off, Liam Fray showed us a new song entitled ‘Something you can’t have’, It was only acoustic so the song isn’t in all it’s glory yet, but I think it doesn’t sound too bad…

Since The Courteeners first album they’ve really toned down, or perhaps grown up, writing slower songs with more meaning and depth to them, I think this song follows that because it’s not bouncy or upbeat. Personally I think this song is under developed and I know Liam Fray could do way better than  this having listened to all of his other songs. You still have the clever lines in this which make you smile, but I don’t think that’s enough. However his voice is more beautiful than ever.

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Blur’s new tunes

Sorry for the absence of my blog yesterday everyone (nobody), I had one all lined up (I didn’t) and I was really annoyed I wasn’t able to get on here and blog my little heart out (I really didn’t give a shit).

Okay, Blur have got two new songs and I had a listen and this is what I think of them. I think they’re alright.  Well, I think one of em’ is, I think I will have to grow to like the other one, like a boy would have to grow to accept his step-dad.

I really like, under the westway, at the moment I’m in to quite mellow music with melody and quite quiet and easy listening and that’s what this songs is. It’s pleasant to listen to, and I think the piano in it which Damon is playing of course is really (I know it sounds simple) nice. I think it show’s how far blur have come, because they are quite the accomplished musicians now with some great records under their belt. I think they’re probably one of the best British bands.

Next we have ‘The puritan’, the lyrics I think are great, they make me think which is one of the things lyrics should do. I’m not keen on the noise that’s going on behind the lyrics though, I don’t think it sounds very good, but I do feel that this will grow on me because I’ve only listened to it twice and both times I’ve listened to it with the sound down, and I think it needs to be blasting out.

But two okay songs by Blur, which are both very different. Have a listen.


The Chief’s new tracks!

Before I start, just wanna say that this one of the coolest photos I’ve seen.

Right, Noel Gallagher, two new tunes, what we reckon?

Have a listen first…

You know what you’re going to get with Noel Gallagher songs, catchy chorus’ (I’m already singing one of em’), simple chord changes, nice slow pace, and these two songs don’t step out of that boundary. I don’t think it matters though because they’re good like that, they’re simply brilliant as I once heard them called. I think now Noel’s a bit older, he’s doing more love songs, obviously they’re not soppy and full of cliche’s but you know they’re about love and being with someone, and he’s doing it the right way by not entertaining the idea of ‘soppyness’.

I think they’re two beautiful songs, sung by a beautiful man, with beautiful hair and cool glasses. Chop them down by saying they’re simple, easy, boring, but I really like em’.

Keep going chief.

Arctic Monkeys – Electricity – 19-04-2012 – AW


Not a lot to this story, in fact this could be one of the shortest paragraphs ever because it’s that uneventful, went on facebook “oh cool, new Arctic Monkeys song, better give it a listen”, *I put the song on*, “That’s good!”. That’s how I discovered and reacted to hearing the song.

Can they get any better? I think so

How can they keep producing such great music? It seems like whatever they bring out just grabs immediately and says “come on were going into space”, it’s amazing. This song is going to be the B-Side to ‘R U Mine’, to bee honest I think they could bring these both out as singles, because I think it is that good. Some bands can’t even produce A-sides as good as this, mentioning no names.


The Song

This new sound that they’ve found just works so well for what they’re doing, and I think it really compliments Alex’s baritone voice because you have that sound and Alex’s voice just hovering over it, you sort of know what he’s saying but you can’t be 100% sure, which I think adds to the song. If this is what they’re new album is going to be like, I’m really fuckin’ excited for it because I don’t see a weak song being put on there. However, I don’t think the lyrics are as clever as Alex usually makes them, but who cares when you’ve got that going on in your ears? I think one of Turner’s best traits are creating a catchy riff, his track record speaks for itself (“Brianstorm”,”teddy picker”,”still take you home”), and It seems like he’s just got that good at it that, whatever riff he creates, he could do something with. It’s not like this song is complex or difficult, It’s just good, and I think that’s what music is all about, sounds good? then it’s good, don’t start think “oh it’s not complex enough for me to listen to”. Excuse the pun but, this song is like electricity.


Miles Kane – First of my kind

Miles Kane - First of my kind

Bit late I know, well only a day late but still late. Miles’ new track, which will be on his new EP that will be coming out on the April 21st, which I’m really excited about because his first album was such a s success, probably one of my favourites albums that I’ve got.

If you liked all the songs on the first album then you will like this, because it’s more of the same stuff, he’s Lennon-like vocals screaming on the track, loud, and quite horrifying at the beginning of the song, a lot like some of The Last of The Shadow Puppets Stuff. His lyrics just keep getting better, and I think that this song proves that.

When Miles first album came out, I didn’t really think it was going to be as good as it was (it stayed in my car for a good month), and now he’s following it up with this equally as strong, if not stronger song. I think we can expect good things of this EP, and expect good things off Miles for a long time, whether with or without Turner.




Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

Was just doing the daily rounds, y’know just looking at the interesting websites that mean something to me, had a look at NME and long and behold there’s a brand new Arctic Monkey’s song out with a video entitled ‘R U Mine’. So because it was released this morning, and I looked at it and write a blog on music, I sort of thought it was fate, like I was meant to write a blog for this song.

thought I'd have this because he'd looked pretty mean

Really like the video, features Alex and Matt driving around the streets and they’re both fucking around just having a laugh, reminds me of a sort of rap video when they’re driving in a really nice fucking car. I quite like the song,as always since their album ‘Humbug’ it contains Alex’s strong baritone and as always some very nice lyrics. When I saw the title I thought that it could of perhaps been a love song with a nice melody, deep, meaningful, and quite slow, Instead they stuck with Helders drums being loud as anything, Alex’s guitar being much the same as it was on Suck it and See (which sounds amazing) and it being loud and fast paced. This works probably even better for me, wouldn’t be right for them to change their style at the moment. Right gotta get ready to go to Uni, god why did I stay in education? But I will leave on this,the riff is brilliant, but why did you expect from Mr.Turner?

Kasabian – Narocotic Farm II

Heard this song a couple of days ago, and it’s the B-side to Goodbye Kiss, it’s the first thing the boys have brought out since Velociraptor!, which I think was huge success and a step forward in experimenting in their music. I think this song is another step in that direction, which I have pros and cons about. Firstly, I like bands to experiment, and try and something a bit different then what they’ve done in the past, I think it’s healthy. On the other hand I don’t want Kasabian to lose that nack of writing just absolutely  brilliant songs that could get a crowd of thousands and bring them into uprawr. It’s just a lot of those songs that they’ve had that were able to do that had brilliant riffs, and classic hook lines, so I just hope that as they keep experimenting with their music,they don’t lose that rawness.

The boys at the Q awards, chose this picture because of Tom's face.

Right, the song. Before I start, I think the video is fuckin’ brilliant. It’s quite psychedelic, and everything in this song makes it that. the constant drum beat, the acoustic guitar in the back you can hear faintly, the singing and the lyrics. Nothing in the song doesn’t say psychedelia . The way they’ve made Serge’s voice on it, sort of like faded out and you struggle to hear him, which makes you listen to it more intensely I believe. Also for the hook you’ve got Tom (who I think has got brilliant voice) just droning ‘enter narcotic farm, they will do you no harm’ (I mean droning in a good way), which really adds  to the  psychedelia of the song. As well as that you’ve  got another sound of droning just going ‘ahhhhhhahahhhhahah’, you’ll know what I mean when you hear it. So have a listen, leave a comment, what you reckon?