Single of the Week | SPINN – ‘It’s Not Getting Better’

Spinn - It's Not Getting Better

Liverpool Band SPINN provide another gem with ‘It’s Not Getting Better

It has been quite the year for SPINN wth them hitting a few Spotify milestones (‘Notice Me’ hitting over a million), as well as releasing one of the best EP’s so far this year. However they haven’t let this momentum slip with a tour scheduled for September this year, and also releasing this gem of a song.

It’s Not Getting Better’ is still very much in touch with the sounds SPINN showcased on their EP, with those atmospheric dreamy guitars and a riff to die for. The pace is slower than their fan favourites ‘I See Through You’ and ‘After Dark’ but the track is still of that same breed. The production on the track is also something that should be noted, as it’s levelled perfectly and the outro seems like it’s been lifted directly from the heavens.

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | Marsicans – ‘Pop Ups (Sunny at the Weekend)

Marsicans - Pop Ups.PNG

Leeds Band Marsicans grabs Single of the Week!

With it being Sunday, it can only mean one thing – Single of the Week. Pretty difficult week, as you had a lot of new tracks being released including the one from Palava on Friday.

However, it has to go to Marsicans as they deliver with another bright and intelligent indie song for the Summer. They impressed earlier on in the year with the release of ‘Wake Up Freya’ which had great harmonies – but this song is a step above.

With uplifiting guitars and a convincing vocal performance, the band conjure up a a masterful track with an anthemic feel. After the dainty little intro, the song bursts into life and doesn’t let the pace drop. This is turning out to be one of the most impressive years for Marsicans, and this song is another step which proves it.

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

EP Review | Sea Girls – ‘Adored’

Sea Girls - Adored

Sea Girls Prove Once Again They Are One of the Hottest Secrets Around

Adored is the third EP from London quartet Sea Girls, and it sounds after those three outings the band have firmly found their musical feet. After their two prior successful EP’s Call Me Out and Heavenly War it felt like the band were ready for another big push and Adored is catalyst. Every live review the band gets it reads like a gig from heaven, with their performance upstanding those high expectations, which bleeds into this EP release.

Opening up with the title-track ‘Adored’ the EP has a strong premise to build off, with a strong and dreamy vocal performance along with some powerhouse guitars driving the track forward. The ethereal instrumentals are pivotal to the Sea Girls sound, the sound is very much of its time with a lot of bands going forward with this poppy sound. However Sea Girls don’t sound flabby or packed with fluff – the songs are strong back to front.

Too Much Fun’ is, pardon the pun, a really fun song. One thing that music fans love is well written, well delivered and super memorable. Sea Girls have cornered this art of the chorus, as they make it looks incredibly easy. This is also showcased on the final track of the EP ‘Eat Me Whole’ which is easily the best track on here. It’s a classic indie banger which you could hear being played in every indie nightclub.

Sea Girls have definitely carved themselves a place in the music world amongst some of the big bands. The band has a Catfish and the Bottlemen feel to them, as they simply know their way around a tune and have a great passion for the songs their singing. Looking forward to seeing the band play live this year and hopefully they will have some new material out by the end of it. The next step logically would be an album release, however if we get another EP – I won’t complain.


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Connor releases new Track ‘Petals’

Connor - petals


JAWS Frontman Connor releases a Song for the Summer

With Summer not too far in the distance now we’re getting ready for those songs that will accompany us on those long nights. JAWS frontman Connor is one step ahead of you with him releasing his latest track ‘Petals’ which is tailor made for that summer sun.

The song has a shoegaze soul which comes out in every aspect, from the distant vocals to the dreamy hooks. Listen down below and see what you make of his latest solo work!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


EP Review | The Calamity – ‘The Calamity EP’

Wolverhampton Band The Calamity Release Debut EP

After releasing ‘I Fell Asleep‘ earlier this year, the band have been teasing their EP, and here it is.’ I Fell Asleep’ opens the it up, and with a slow and subtle pace it’s sets a laid back feel for the EP filled with insightful lyrics and thoughtful guitars.

Lifestyle Express‘ brings some vibrant light to the collection, with the funky bass and punchy guitars giving off some vibrant 00’s indie tones. At times you hear subtle remnants of The Libertines, especially with the way the lyrics are delivered.

The pace is taken back down slightly with EP favourite ‘Pagens‘ as it comes across as a sing along, especially with the distorted piano and guitar in the background. The storytelling in the song is a feature, making it really stand out.

The EP ends with ‘Rag and Bone‘ which sticks to that more methodical slow pace which The Calamity favour, giving the vocals more room making them prominent. The use of some brass in the instrumentals is a sweet touch, to a beautiful song.

This is a solid first release for the Midlands Band, one where they fully cement their sound and deliver some great songs. Of course there’s some growing left to do as a band, but this is a great way to start off your music portfolio.

EP Launch Show – 2nd June – Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Album Review | Parquet Courts – ‘Wide Awake’

Parquet Courts- Wide Awake!

Parquet Courts provide further evidence that they’re still one of the most exciting bands today with ‘Wide Awake


Since their sophomore album Light Up Gold, Parquet Courts have always been a band to keep note of, due to their erratic punk/indie music style which is exclusive to them. Over the years they’ve developed and established their sound to the point where it’s obvious when a Parquet Courts song has just hit the speakers.

This is the bands’ sixth studio album since releasing their debut American Specialties back in 2011. Since then they have grown and refined their sound while keeping their core musical features at the heart of everything they do.

Wide Awake is glowing evidence that the band have managed to keep their sound relatively the same, while also making it incredibly interesting and poignant as ever. Straight from the off with ‘Total Football’ you’re thrown into the mix with a very pointy riff which is inherently catchy and only develops as  the tempo swiftly speeds up.

The punches don’t stop there as the album moves through ‘Violence’, ‘Mardi Gras Beads’ and ‘Almost Had to Start a Fight/ In and Out of Patience’, with all of them providing tightly woven guitars and drum beats. Amongst all of this you have the unique vocals of Savage which is a pillar of any PC song. The way he delivers the lyrics in that rushed and provoked manor you’re immediately hyped up and ready to take on the World.

Highlights of the album have to be ‘Freebird II’ which is perfect slow song performed in their style. As well as this you have ‘Normaliziation’ which is complete chaos as the timing and precision across all instruments is impeccable which makes for a great listen.

This is one of the best records PC have delivered,sitting right up there with Light Up Gold. Also it’s further proof that a band can keep their sound/song style and continue to make it interesting as long as you’re creative with it and refuse to let it go stale.


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | Track Not Found – ‘Science Gone Wrong’

The Grungy Sound of Track Not Found gets Single of the Week

Single of the Week goes to grungy three piece band Track Not Found with their new song ‘Science Gone Wrong’. Leaning towards the more heavier side with the chunky bass riff, the band manage to craft a very catchy number with ease.

The erratic vocals create a sense of angsty chaos, which is only heightened with some good guitar work underneath. Track Not Found have a very real approach to their music, as you can hear that it’s personal and raw as they use it to get things off their chest.

Can easily see these three girls from Guernsey will be making some noise this year, with a string of shows lined up and hopefully more releases!

EP Review | Gender Roles – ‘Lazer Rush’


Gender Roles Lazer Rush

Brighton Band Gender Roles continue to prove they have something special with ‘Lazer Rush’

Friday 13th April saw the release of Brightons own Gender Roles’ second EP Lazer Rush, following up from their debut in 2017 with Planet X. On the run up to the EP the trio released three tracks which feature on it, those being: ‘Plastic’, ‘About Her’ and ‘Gills’. With all of these hitting a high standard it was pretty obvious that the EP was going to be successful, and it was.

The aggression on each track is felt through the speakers as lead singer Tom Bennett screams his guts out on the opening track ‘Plastic’ which perfectly sets the tone for what’s to come. ‘About Her’ is the track which follows and it has more pop tendencies than its predecessor, making it a highlight. The catchy hook of “Crush it up and put it in my drink / let’s go somewhere quiet and I’ll tell you what I think /About her” is an awesome line.

Gills’ is potentially the best song on the EP because of its short and sweet energy which has the characteristics of a Punk track. Also it’s packed with in your face one liners which scream of someone adapting to a social situation they don’t want to be in, well that’s my take away from the song.

The catchy guitar work is also impeccable across all four tracks, as the band really showcase what a difference great guitar work can have on a song. From the fuzzy, poppy riff in ‘Plastic’ to the fun and bouncy one in ‘Gills’.

The EP ends with the unreleased track ‘Teeth’ which takes the EP down a notch, as the pace slows down and the band let you breathe…for two minutes. Then they burst back into life with Bennett giving a guttural scream which you can feel. This energy flows through the track as it seems the band open up their inner-Nirvana.

The EP is one of the best this year, and has really made Gender Roles a band to look out for. It comes across as very real, and as a whole the EP flows. All the tracks seem to come from the same idea, and it doesn’t feel like any track was just shoved in there to kill time. Also the artwork for this is impressive, got to love when bands make an effort for the artwork because it just makes it that bit more admirable. Solid work guys!


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

See the guys live for FREE Tour down below!

Gender Roles Tour
Chiara Gambuto


EP Review | No Hot Ashes – ‘Skint Kids Disco EP’

No Hot Ashes Skint Kids Disco EP

No Hot Ashes produce a fine Debut EP with ‘Skint Kids Disco’

Skint Kids Disco is the debut EP from Stockport band No Hot Ashes. After years tearing up venues all around the UK, this EP gives them validation of their true talent.

After dropping ‘Eight Till Late’ last year it was clear the EP was going to be packed to the brim with dancehall vibes combined with ear piercing guitar riffs, which is what they’ve provided in the EP. The EP title track ‘Skint Kids Disco’  is the brightest spark on the album, as singer Isaac Taylor provides us with the catchiest hook-lines the bands ever produced:

Find me by the skint kids disco trying to look alive/ take me to the skint kids disco just trying to survive”

The gruffalo aggression in the tone of Taylor’s voice as he delivers the lyrics is endearing, providing a desirable contrast to their bouncy disco instrumentals. There’s a beam of energy that streaks through the entire EP, and this track really is the heart of it.

Bad Crowd’ wraps the up the EP, which has an exotic musicality with bright electronic strings to open up the whole track. Once again Taylor effortlessly paints a picture which only a working class kid could truly understand. This song follows the suit of the EP with the in-your-face vocals along with a really sleek guitar riff, however you do get to hear more of a vocal range from Taylor as he sings “It’s alright it’s okay/it should work out anyway” midway through the song. The track ends in spectacular fashion with the guitars screeching and the vocals showing real emotion.

This EP should set the band up for some memorable shows, as audiences can really fall into this EP and it’s sound which will cause mayhem at live shows. Great to see how far the guys have come, and it’s obvious they’re going to go further with releases like this one.


Words by Alex Wise @AJwise


PEACE Release New Track ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’

Birmingham Band PEACE Release New Track ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ ahead of their upcoming album

PEACE are well on their way to releasing their new album later this year, and ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ gives us another glance into what we can expect.

After the releases of ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ and ‘Power’ people are already getting excited for Peace’s next chapter, and this new song will only heighten the excitement. They continue to step away from their dancy indie-pop roots, as this track has more of a powerful rock feel with the riff and straight vocals.

Peace continue to spread this message of love an generally being nice to each other which is why the upcoming album is called Kindness Is the New Rock and Roll. The album will be released May 4th and it sounds like it has the potential to be their best one yet.