New Music Now! Swine Tax – ‘Chronic’

Chronic’ is the debut single from Newcastle Upon Tyne Alt-Rock band Swine Tax. Considering this is the first single from the band they’ve been increasingly brave with this song, as they haven’t held back in any aspect, and delivered something alternative which music fans should warm to. However the noise they’ve created feels empowering while maintaining an eerie vibe,  something which wouldn’t seem strange to hear on a Radiohead or Joy Division Record. Also ‘Chronic‘ is a very personal song which interrogates frontman Vince Lisle’s  feelings of inadequacy in intimate relationships whilst living with a debilitating chronic pain condition, so to deliver something so honest and truthful on your first track is commendable as a songwriter, and hopefully something we can continue to hear from the band.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

NEW MUSIC NOW! The Weeks – ‘Start it Up’

‘Start it Up’ is the latest release from Jackson, MS four-piece The Weeks and is taken off their upcoming album Easy, which will be released April 7th.  After listening to the track for 20th time this morning (Which won’t be the last) it’s easy to pick up on the catchy nature of the song, which is showcased at the beginning of the track with a deep rhythmic bass line that brings you to the party. All throughout the song your gifted with this beautiful riff that ties the song together nicely, and combined with stories of being young and dumb, it’s easy to become endeared to it. It’s clear the band take some early Kings of Leon vibe with that dirty rock feel combined with The White Stripes as they heavily lean on the guitar work to do the talking.

Here’s hoping that the album brings this same amount of energy and musicality to the album, because if they do it could easily find itself to be a contender on the albums of the year 2017!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

NEW MUSIC NOW! The Wools – ‘Heard it all Before’


This is a first here for WFM and for The Wools as they debut with their brand new track ‘Heard it all Before‘, which proves itself to be a slow love-disaster indie song that anyone can get behind. The slow paced acoustic guitar driven track is laden with baritone vocals that you would expect to hear coming straight out of an Arctic Monkeys song, referencing back to something you may have heard on Humbug.

However the song is gently brushed with some jangly guitars which combine well with the melody to give it some texture, making it a mellow song to listen to. Overall the track is very simple all the way down to the lyrics, but that is what gives the song so much charm, it’s simplicity. The band aren’t trying to configure something to abstract that it’s lost on the listener, this is straight forward and easy to enjoy!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

New Music Now! SPLASHH – ‘Waiting a Lifetime’

London Five-Piece Splashh are back with a brand new song ahead of their second album entitled Waiting a Lifetime. The new song is the title track of the album, and it expresses much of what we’ve come to expect of Splashh, which is loud guitars, dizzying vocals and a hook that could have you humming for days.

After the break up between 2014 and 2016 it was becoming increasingly worrying if the band were going to come back, but it looks like they’re back in full swing and a ready to once again make a move. The track is increasingly energetic and loud, especially with the catchy whistles in the background. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with the new album as it would surge them some momentum to build off!

NEW MUSIC NOW! The Assist – ‘Wonderful’


Since their EP Trouble, The Assist have been moving pretty fast by performing nearly everywhere except the moon, churning out new tracks and consistently building their fan base by simply putting the work in. In the midst of all of this the band released their brand new track ‘Wonderful‘ and it’s probably their best work yet.

The Assist have always had a knack of developing simple yet catchy hook lines, however on this track it seems as though their sound has matured ever so slightly and it’s working in their favour. Mikey Stanton has always prided himself on creating these long verses that dual up as rapping and singing at the same time, which always makes for an interesting listen as you try to to keep up and hang off his every word. This song is no different as Mikey delves into this type lyricism and delivery once again before topping it off with the emphatic outburst of the word “Wonderful”.

The band provide a clean playground for Mikey to wonder and draw whatever he likes. The simplicity of the musicality shouldn’t be underestimated because there’s still a lot going on, with guitarist Ryan working hard and providing lead and rhythm simultaneously. The subtle jangly guitar work are a perfect bed for the vocals, and when it’s backed by a funky drum and bass it’s easy to see why the song is so catchy.

Hopefully this is the early workings for their debut album, and if it is, they’ve definitely found their sound.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

New Music Now! Rat Colums – ‘She Loves The Rain’

Ahead of their debut album, Candle Power,  Rat Columns have released their first single entitled ‘She Loves The Rain‘. For how much she loves the rain, we equally love this track. The song is a short moment of bliss as it clocks in under three minutes, however it utilizes this time wisely maximising every part of the track making it as engaging as they could. With the beautiful xylophone introduction it sets it up to be a bright song song with a lot high points, which it is. However with the monotone vocals to contrast it you have this unique mix of pop sounds with an lo-fi indie texture to it, which is infectious.

Hopefully the upcoming record will follow this theme as it has the potential to be something special. It’s clear that the band have a unique sound a feel to them and hears to hoping they can stretch it across a whole album and continue to be consistent.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

New Music Now! Loose Tooth – ‘Fish Boy’

“Fish Boy” is the final song on Loose Tooths debut album Big Fish, which is set to be released on 7th April on Father/Daughter Records & Lame-O Records. If this final track is anything to go off, then the album is sizing up to be a ground shaking release. After releasing their debut album Easy Easy East back in 2015, the band have been work exponentially hard on and off tour, which has finally led to their second album.

Their hard work is easily detected when you listen new song “Fish Boy” as they have refined and honed their style to a higher degree. The loud garge/punk sound which emerges from the track is guttural and violent which could easily light a fire under anybody, and could hurl a live audience into a complete frenzy. The song is very hard hitting and borderline heavy rock music, yet they manage to toe the line rather well as they force feed you their music.

The hope is that Loose Tooth can consistently push this aggression and pure energy through the entirety of their album. If they can achieve this, it could potentially be one of the surprise albums of the year for punk/garage/noise rock scene.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


NEW MUSIC NOW! Wolf Solent – ‘Red Moon’



Ahead of his new  EP // IV Wolf Solent has released his new single ‘Red Moon‘ which has been dubbed as lo-fi narcolepsy, which couldn’t be closer to the truth with this song.

The song slowly drones throughout the three minutes with hazy guitars and far out vocals, giving you a sense that you’re swimming underwater. It’s impressive to note that the entire EP, as well as this song, was all recorded in is bedroom and all instruments were only played by him. It’s amazing to recognize the size of production on this track considering it was only recorded in a bedroom, this alone is quite a feat. On the whole song gives of this cinematic experience that gives of a slightly psychedelic vibe.

Hopefully the EP lives up to what this song brings, as this track has raised the bar fairly high.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

New music now! The Money War – ‘Stars’

The Money War are a two-piece band from Perth, Australia and have been making a name for themselves for quite a while now. Taking influences from The Beatles, Bon Iver and Fleetwood Mac they’ve made up their own sound which really sets them apart from most upcoming indie bands.

Their new song “Stars”  really showcases some of their key features, mainly their edgy lo-fi sound and drowzy vocals. The track has an old school blues feel to it in a sense, of the slow paced guitar playing and grainy texture to it. Combining this with some hazy vocals and hooky chorus, you end up with an interesting sound.

Great to hear some new material from the band, hopefully this leads to an EP release as it would be great to hear if they could stretch their style out further, and find out what else they’re capable of.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise



TWINTOULOUSE are a five piece band from Oslo, Norway who have been together for just over seven years and are still going strong which is shown with their new release ‘Moon & Scars‘. From listening to their material it sounds like they take their influences from a number of places such as Radiohead and Pink Floyd, with a slow methodical pace to their songs which have a lot of thought behind them.

Moon and Scars’ is no different as once again the band decide to take a slower pace and slowly feed you these soft melancholic vocals along with heavy bass guitars and drums. All of this is an ideal build for when the lead guitar comes crashing in demanding attention with it’s overdrive, it really gives the song some much needed life where it needed.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise