EP Review | I See Rivers – ‘Play It Cool’

I See Rivers - Play it Cool

I See Rivers deliver on their Second EP ‘Play It Cool’

Ever since finding out about I See Rivers I was fascinated with their style of music and the wonderous ways they used their vocal harmonies. Last year the band took on the 10 Questions, and they really showed their personality along with their eclectic music taste!

Fast forward a year and the band have released their second EP Play It Cool which I was highly anticipating after the release of ‘I Don’t Know’. It turns out the anticipation was justified as the band delivered on all fronts.

The EP has 4 tranquil tracks filled with blissful vocals and complete wonder, something you can truly relax to. The opening track is the title track ‘Play It Cool’ setting up the EP perfectly, with dainty guitars and flawless harmonies. The uplifting sound of the song really finds a home in the summer, as it as welcoming as a cool breeze on hot day.

T Think I Like You’  is a another great song due to the different elements the band bring into the track, with the finger snaps along with the high tone guitar. It’s a lot more snappier than the other tracks on the EP, making it really stand out. Following that you have the bright ‘I Don’t Know’ which just aches of of not knowing where you’re meant to be, and they bottle that feeling perfectly within this song. This makes the song easily relatable as we’ve all had times where you don’t know where you’re supposed to be or what you’re meant to be doing in life, giving it an honest raw human touch.

To end the EP you have ‘Give Up’ which is an ideal closer as it has a darker and slower edge to it, as they sing you a tale of an ending relationship. Once again the harmonies really dominate this track and leave you with a great lasting impression on the band.

I See Rivers have quickly become one of those bands I constantly go out of my way to see what they’re doing, and it’s because of their sheer consistency they have when it comes to writing music. Highly recommend this EP to anybody because it has that quality – they don’t tie themselves down to a certain genre, it’s a likeable EP.

Looking forward to see what the band gets up to at the back end of this year, but you know for certain they will be busy! Honestly one of the most enjoyable acts out there at the moment.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

New Release | Wild Front Release New Track ‘Dive’!

Wild Front

Southampton Band Release one of their Hottest tracks yet!

Friday is always a good day for some new music and today we have something fresh! Four-Piece guitar band Wild Front have released brand new track ‘Dive’ and it’s so good that it’s made our 2018 Playlist!

The clean guitars travel through the air with ease, and the main riff at the heart of the track is impressive. The whole rhythm of the track is enticing as it doesn’t have that monotonous structure which a lot of bands walk into.

A great start to the second half of the year for the lads, and with their tour coming up and rumblings about their album in 2019 I can see that they will have a busy couple of months on their hands!

Single of the Week | Patawawa – ‘Fight Me’


DIY 3 Piece Disco Band Patawawa get Single of the Week

Unfortunately Single of the Week is a tad bit late this week due to life getting in the way, however here is this weeks Single of the Week and it’s a little different!

Usually here at WFM we have something a little rough around the edges, something with a bit of bite. However this week we’ve gone for something funky which shoud make you want to dance around! We give you Patawawa!

Their electro funk vibes are something to feast your ears on as it’s something completely different to what anyone else is doing at the moment. Their exterior screams indie rock but the music says otherwise as they invite to dance around the room in their latest release ‘Fight Me’.

It sounds like something that has been lifted straight from 70’s Disco and they’ve done it justice. The bass on the track is impressive along with the Nile Rodgers inspired guitar. It’s the vocals that really make the track as they have that postive upbeat sway which is needed in a song like this!

That was Single of the Week, hope you enjoyed it! If you think you have a Single of the Week on your hands please get in touch:

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Hunger Moon to release New Track ‘Grown’

Hunger Moon

Midlands duo set to release Second Track ‘Hunger’

After their successful release of their debut song ‘Oh Friend‘ turned a lot of heads, Hunger Moon went straight back to writing music and delivered a worthy follow up.

James Attwood and Natalie Jenkins once again blend their musical talents wonderfully, as Natalie’s vocals add so much to their rich sound. There’s a beautiful piano melody at the heart of this track, making it very stripped back and light. However towards the end it builds gracefully into this grandiose piece which sounds like the work of a music mastermind.

Hunger Moon should be delighted with this release as they have once again created a quality piece of music which will never get dusty in their portfolio. 2018 is evidently just the star for the act.

You can hear the full track over at Born Music, but will be released on all platforms at 7pm on July 6th.

Words by Alex Wise @AJwise




Muncie Girls Release New Track ‘Falling Down’

Ahead of their Album Muncie Girls Release ‘Falling Down’

The Muncie Girls are quickly becoming the music worlds worst kept secret as they continue to release great songs which are gaining them a lot of recognition.

The latest track to be laid upon us is ‘Falling Down’ which has a dreamy centre and some angelic vocals – something we’ve come to admire about the band. The track has some nice lead guitar on it especially towards the end, and lead singer Lande Hekt sings it best when she says “Leaves You Wanting More”.

Fixed Ideals will be released on August 31st, which will be the follow up to their brilliant debut From Caplan to Belsize.

The band will be taking a tour around the UK, you can check out the dates below on this very cool Tour Poster designed by Tom Cross.

Muncie Girls UK Tour

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


June 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month

Matt Maltese and Boy Azooga burst into the Top 5 for the Month of June!

5) Boy Azooga – ‘1, 2 Kung Fu’

Boy Azooga 1 2 Kung FuThis is another debut album to make the top 5 and it comes from Cardiff band Boy Azooga, who have been gaining some heavy recognition from this release. As soon as the album opens up with ‘Breakfast Epiphany’ you’re thrown into the Azooga universe and you find it very hard to leave. The stoner/Tame Impala sounds that the album inhibits brings a fresh type sound to the indie scene that they’ve been lumped into, but they are very much a stand out act in that category.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Breakfast Epiphany’ , ‘Taxi In Your Head’ and ‘Hangover Square’

4) Florence and the Machine – ‘High As Hope

Florence and the Machine High as HopeFlorence has an innate ability of churning out consistently good albums, and this one doesn’t break the streak as it’s another gem. Her albums always have serious depth to them lyrically and melodically, just hearing ‘South London Forever’ can send shivers down your spine. Instrumentally Florence stays well within her wheelhouse as she once again opts for the floaty and atmospheric tones which blend so well with her vocal style. Thoroughly enjoyed this album, and can see a lot of Florence fans falling head over heels for it. Of course it doesn’t hit the heights of her earlier work in ‘Lungs’ but it definitely hold its own.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘South London Forever’ , ‘Grace’ and ‘Sky Full of Song’

3) Ben Howard – ‘Noonday Dream

Ben Howard - Noonday Dream 1Since Ben landed onto the music scene he’s drawn attention from people who listen to all types of music, really opening the door for everyone to enjoy his music, especially with his debut ‘Every Kingdom’. However since then he’s stepped further and further away from his debut, and really created some new and inventive material. ‘Noonday Daydream’ is the album which showcases this best as Ben immerses himself in the weird and wonderful, crafting some beautiful lengthy tracks which proves Howard’s genius. Read Full review here.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Nica Libres At Dusk’ , ‘The Defeat’ and ‘There’s Your Man’

2) Matt Maltese – ‘Bad Contestant’

Matt Maltese.jpgThis is the debut for Matt Maltese however you wouldn’t have guessed it from listening to this album as he sounds like a seasoned veteran. The lyrical depth in this album is something to behold, as each songs paints a wondrous picture direct from Matt’s mind. His sarcastic and quirky lyrics provide the brightest moments on the album, which play off so well to the sound of his piano-’Nightclub Love’ being the perfect example. Although this is only the beginning of Matt’s career it seems that he’s already has a firm grasp on songwriting, which means we’re in for something special moving forward.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Greatest Comedian’ , ‘Nightclub Love’ and ‘Mortals’

1) Father John Misty – ‘God’s Favourite Customer

FMJ - Gods Favourite CustomerAfter a short year since he dropped ‘Pure Comedy’, FJM delivered his follow up album ‘God’s Favourite Customer’ at the start of the Month. The album was a short and snappy ride with plenty of highlights as he reflects on his life while delivering some of his most cutting edge lyrics. This was a complete contrast to his lengthy last album, but it was a welcome change. This album lit up the start of Month and there’s a strong chance it will be in the memory come the end of the year. Read full review here.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Please Don’t Die’, ‘God’s Favourite Customer’ and ‘Mr.Tillman’

Suzi Island release new Track ‘Actor’

Suzi Island Actor

Brighton Band release ‘Actor’ accomponied with a thoughtful video

Since bursting onto the scene with their debut track ‘Show Me The Way‘ Suzi Island have managed to keep a buzz surrounding the band. All this has been achieved with a genuinely good song, teasers and keeping in touch with their audience.

Actor’ is the latest track to be released from the Brighton act and it’s just as good as their first release, if not better. It’s clear with the video that the song tackles Women in the Film Industry, which suggests recent news has heavily influenced this track and what lies in the heart of it.

The songs is fun and full of quick hit lyrics which will resonate with music fans. The beat of the track almost sounds like a hip-hop beat with the crashing claps. Throughout the song you have well placed screeches from the guitar which adds depth to it.

This is another great release from Suzi Island, and over these next 6 Months I could see them being one of the breakout bands this year, as they’ve moved from 0-60 in no time.

Words By Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | SPINN – ‘It’s Not Getting Better’

Spinn - It's Not Getting Better

Liverpool Band SPINN provide another gem with ‘It’s Not Getting Better

It has been quite the year for SPINN wth them hitting a few Spotify milestones (‘Notice Me’ hitting over a million), as well as releasing one of the best EP’s so far this year. However they haven’t let this momentum slip with a tour scheduled for September this year, and also releasing this gem of a song.

It’s Not Getting Better’ is still very much in touch with the sounds SPINN showcased on their EP, with those atmospheric dreamy guitars and a riff to die for. The pace is slower than their fan favourites ‘I See Through You’ and ‘After Dark’ but the track is still of that same breed. The production on the track is also something that should be noted, as it’s levelled perfectly and the outro seems like it’s been lifted directly from the heavens.

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

EXCLUSIVE | Palava to Release New Song ‘White Denim’ This Friday!

Palava - White Denim

Palava showcase new song ‘White Denim’

This Friday will see the release of Palava’s latest track ‘White Denim’. December last year the band gained Single of the Week with their track ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’, and I get the feeling that this song will do the same this Sunday.

The track boasts some driving guitars with cracked vocals, giving off a very edgy tone. Sleek and tight drums beats gives the song that snap, which lends itself well to the punchy chorus. Palava have that classic 00’s indie feel which is a sounds that is slowly becoming lost, however they are making great efforts to fly that flag with this track.

The launch party will be taking place at The Castle Hotel, Manchester on June 22nd. Get your tickets here.

After the shocking news which the band shared earlier this month regarding their upcoming tour, and the awful record company that were looking after them (not giving them any acknowledgement), it looks as though the band are back on track with this release.

Looking forward to see what PALAVA do the second part of 2018, as it’s looking very promising.

Words by @AJWise

June 22nd – The Castle Hotel – Manchester – Tickets

Single of the Week | Hotel Lux – ‘Berlin Wall’

Hotel Lux Berlin Wall

Hotel Lux’s ‘Berlin Wall’ gets Single of the Week!

It’s Sunday again, which means it’s time for Single of the Week, today see’s Hotel Lux’sBerlin Wall’ get that title in scary fashion.

Their new track, which is the flip side their single ‘Daddy’, features some haunting sounds with minmal vocals and it’s delightful. Their punky attitude is out on show for the whole song, and contrasting it with dark, dreary instrumentals it makes for an interesting listen. The cold “La la la’s” serve as a great side piece for the lead vocals to get in your face and spew his anger, a cool element to play off the piano.

That’s it for this week, hope you enjoy! If you think you have a Single of the Week on your hands please get in touch!

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise