The First Gig I On – The Flapper – May 7th – Birmingham

This has been due a while, considering it happened on the 7th May but with Uni and all the other stuff going on in my life where I’m not busy I didn’t find time to do it.

After All the stress of getting the band, the venue, the back line, promoting it, I felt good after because I felt like I actually fucking did something that I was happy with lol. However I only made £25, which is quite good but I did spend about £85 altogether to get it sorted, so probably not a career path, especially if you do that because you just lose money BUT you have a good time, and I didn’t drink partly because I had no fucking money.

We had five acts on,lets go through em:

First on was Rys Joseph,and he was a good opening to the show. He plays acoustic, as you can see from the photo andhe plays anything from folk music to pop music there’s no real boundry that he won’t cross. He played really well, he’a quite funny as well because he got one of those funny whistles half way through and started playing that, which was strange but he pulled it off. Have a look at

We had a gut called Adam Macguire after Rhys, now he was more folk but fuck me could he play the guitar, you could tell that he’s been playing for ages. Every song he played he played really well, didn’t miss a beat at all. Oh yeah, and he’s voice it’s pretty good too. Check him out her:

Now, we didn’t even book this guy he fell into it all, and I’m really glad he fucking did because he was amazing. He came along with The State of Things, and like I’ve just written, thank god he did because we was blessed with his voice, which is immense. He’s only young and he put on a display like he’s been doing it for years, he’s singing was probably the best I’ve heard from anyone in a long time, everyone’s voice on on TV shows just sound the same, and he’s just stood out. Have a look if you don’t believe me

Next we had a band called The Company, who could make a brilliant sound. They’ve supported The Hossier’s on tour, and they’ve played round Europe which is pretty cool, and the fact they still played this gig makes me feel like they don’t think they’re too big or anything.  They played some really good songs, they had this song called disaster which I thought was really fucking good, they had this part on the end that just went on and on, like the end of ‘I am the Resurrection’ (except not that good. Here’s their page

Then we had the headliners, I’ve wrote about this before expressing my views on them and they’re fucking brilliant, a great bunch of lads, always up for a laugh, good music sense, and can play good music. Every song they played people were moving to it, which all the songs had the capability of doing. I was a but gutted before they went on because I thought they deserved more of a crowd, but that didn’t affect they’re playing, they weren’t phased by it, they were just happy to be playing. Which I think makes them that bit better because they have that attitude of ‘I don’t mind who we’re playing to, if we make an extra fan, it’s a fan we didn’t have’, which is the right attitude to have. As I’ve said before, they have so much more to offer, with their EP coming out soon, it’s only gonna get better for them,

I really enjoyed the night, here’s some photos. If you wanna see more photos visit:

























TRIBES – 9/5/2012

The photos were taken by my girlfriend, because she loves taking photos, always has a camera in her hand, I wish I could I’m just too fucking lazy.

Bit of a late post again, ah well my posts aren’t really in high demand if they are and you want to know what i’m doing you’re a stalker.


I’ve never seen them before, but I had watched them online and so I expected them to be good. I really like their first album, I’ve posted about it before, I think, I don’t fucking know, but yeah their first and only album is good. I didn’t have any concerns over their fast paced, catchy riff songs I knew they’d be fucking good, but I didn’t know how I’d take the more slower songs, for example, Himalaya and Nightdriving. So I was looking forward to how there crowds would react to those songs, and what my brain would make my body do.

The Gig

First thing I do at gigs, and I don’t think I’ve expressed this view through my blogs but I always look for the dickhead in the crowd. There’s a few things you could to be the dickhead in the crowd here’s a few:-

  • Wearing those glasses you don’t need to see
  • Dancing like an idiot
  • Having Bieber hair
  • swishing you’re hair constantly
  • Wearing stupid shirts, with silly pictures on
  • Wearing Toms

This list could go on for a while, if you want some more of these just let me know I would be more than happy to tell you some more, perhaps we could converse and discuss. I noticed a lot of these fucking people at the gig, so it wasn’t a good start, then SHARKS came on and they were really good. I’d never heard them before, but they were good the lead singer had a bit of an iconic look about him, looked a bit like Jin out of tekken.

When Tribes came on, it just lifted up the whole room, and because it was a small venue it added to the atmosphere. This was their last date of the tour, and I dunno if it was just me but they looked tired, however they put a good show on. For a band that only has one album, they were playing like  that they were on top of the world, and they should feel like that.

Johnny even came in to the crowd, and I touched a bit of his thumb I think so, we’re practically best friends now, we’re gonna hook up and everything. Also the crowd added to it, it wasn’t too aggressive which probably worked out better for me because I was tired and not very well. When the slow songs came on, it sort of took away from the night because there was a part where  they played about 5 slow ones in row and it took away from the atmosphere, but they played them really well seriously didn’t miss a beat.


It was good, had such a good time, definitely going to see them next time, if you’re into em’ you should definitely go.




The Libertines Film – 18/05/2012

Haven’t been on here, haven’t even looked at my account since I was last on and even though I haven’t been posting got some nice viewing stats, so thanks to people for reading my old stuff. QUITE A LOT TO CATCH UP ON, lets start with this.

I went to see this on the 27th April at the O2 academy, now I winder why the fuck I did that. Well the reasons simple, because I wanted to be one of the first people to see it, and I wasn’t because it got called off on the original date (20th March) because Roger Sargent was ill, so I sort of lost the point of going. But I still went because I thought it’d be cool watching it with all the Libs fans and the sub-culture appreciating what a brilliant piece of work Roger Sargent had done, how fucking wrong I was.

In the queue there were people discussing how they didn’t even like the Libs, just came because of a couple of songs they heard which was written by the Libs. Those people should’ve just fucked off, if you’re not interested, go away. Watching the film was quite pleasant until people kept talking, it’s hard enough to hear Carl without people talking, with people talking, you’re fighting a losing battle. Oh yeah, and the drinks were 4 fucking pounds, ridiculous.

The Film

Ahhhhh, the film :), i’m so glad it arrived at my house the day after I saw it so I could watch again properly. It really was enjoyable, seeing Pete an Carl together, the interviews, the rehearsals, it was a breath of fresh air for a Libs fan, finaally some new material to chop on. To be honest, the film isn’t for you if you don’t have a bond with the music, if you feel nothing for the band, I’m sure you won’t like this because you’ve gotta know the songs, the relationship between Pete and Carl and interested in what they have to say. I loved it, and I’ll be watching it for some time, pretty sure I’ll show my grankids.

If you haven’t seen it and your a Libs fan, do yourself a favor and feed yourself on this.

Wirey Crow Records Gig – 7th May – The Flapper,Birmingham – Get in touch for tickets!


This is my university Record Label (the name is inspired by a friend of mine, he knows who is I’ve put him through enough shit telling everyone so I’ll leave it. We’re putting on a gig on 7th May at The Flapper in Birmingham (look it up if you don’t know where it is), there’s 6 acts playing including the Likes of The State of Things(the band I blogged about last time), The company, and 4 acoustic acts who’re really good. Check out the flyer….

Quite a good flyer, I didn’t do it, I couldn’t do it too complicated, the girl in our group did it Chamelle. Anyway you can see the acts we have here, couldn’t fit em’ all on because just wasn’t enough space at all.

If you wanna check out the artists, have a look at our page we have videos of em’:

Follow us on twitter for updates:!/wireycrow


TICKETS are £3, not expensive at all £3? what’s £3, nothing so you might as well come.

It’s gonna be a good night, 6 acts – £3, do the maths fucking bargin.

If you want a ticket, get in touch with me



Noel Gallagher, how did the chief get on?

Bit late, seen as I did see him on Thursday and it’s now Saturday but, I’ve had a lot on, work, meeting people, eating, sleeping just haven’t had the time, so don’t go mad, don’t think anybody will because nobody cares that much.

Right, so how did the chief get on? Well, the answer is, very fucking well. The gig was amazing, a very good experience and it was £40 well spent, sorry £45. Noel gave it everything from start, to finish he was immense, didn’t miss a beat. Before I went I was quite worried about his singing, thinking it might not be strong enough for the gig, fuck me I was wrong, why did I doubt him. You could play the album, and it would sound exactly the same, right on the spot every time. The start of the gig didn’t go to well, fucking beer thrown from every angle (a lot of it went on me) also, felt some warm beer thrown on me(I fuckin’ hope it was warm beer, don’t think it was though), my mate Andy turned round and said to me “That’s warm, I don’t think that’s fuckin’ beer”. So after that happened we just thought, lets enjoy ourselves and ignore what may or may not be piss. Really good setlist, played all of his new album except for ‘stop the clocks’, would of loved to heard that one, along with ‘the good rebel’ and ‘freaky teeth'(that was brilliant). He also sprinkled that with some classic oasis songs with the likes of ‘supersonic’, ‘don’t look back in anger’ and ‘whatever’, however he left out ‘wonderwall’, would of liked to hear that one personally. Have a butchers at the setlist.

(It’s Good) To Be Free
Mucky Fingers
Everybody’s On The Run
Dream On
If I Had A Gun
The Good Rebal
The Death Of You And Me
Freaky Teeth
(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine
AKA… What A Life!
Talk Tonight
AKA… Broken Arrow
Half The World Away
Solder Boys And Jesus Freaks
(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
Little By Little
The Importance Of Being Idle
Don’t Look Back In Anger
Noel Gallagher performing live


It wasn’t a  big active gig with loads of jumping, pushing, moshing going on but it was hard hitting. Every song that was played almost everyone was singing along to it because they’re great songs. The closest it got to moshing was when ‘Importance of being Idle’ came on. The personal favourite for me was ‘Little by Little’, I thought it was a good oasis song, but Noel playing it live made the songs so much better, you felt like it was being sung to you.  The only the songs I wish he would of played was, ‘wonderwall’, ‘The Masterplan’ and ‘Stop the clocks’, but I suppose there’s only so much time.

As always the chief was very witty with the comment “I dedicate this to the best rock ‘n’ roll star ever…….Mario Balotelli”. Then he went on to say “You know you love him….and he loves you”, Had to laugh when he said that, he’s made me go mad on Mario Balotelli, I want to become him.


The Chief having a smoke.

Overall I thought it was a great gig, definitely going next time the chief comes round, looking forward to his new stuff with amorphous androgynous, and looking for to his new album whenever he may bring that out. The only thing that could have made this night better is if I didn’t get that ‘warm beer’ thrown over me. Check out the video below, my new favourite song.