EP Review | Gender Roles – ‘Lazer Rush’


Gender Roles Lazer Rush

Brighton Band Gender Roles continue to prove they have something special with ‘Lazer Rush’

Friday 13th April saw the release of Brightons own Gender Roles’ second EP Lazer Rush, following up from their debut in 2017 with Planet X. On the run up to the EP the trio released three tracks which feature on it, those being: ‘Plastic’, ‘About Her’ and ‘Gills’. With all of these hitting a high standard it was pretty obvious that the EP was going to be successful, and it was.

The aggression on each track is felt through the speakers as lead singer Tom Bennett screams his guts out on the opening track ‘Plastic’ which perfectly sets the tone for what’s to come. ‘About Her’ is the track which follows and it has more pop tendencies than its predecessor, making it a highlight. The catchy hook of “Crush it up and put it in my drink / let’s go somewhere quiet and I’ll tell you what I think /About her” is an awesome line.

Gills’ is potentially the best song on the EP because of its short and sweet energy which has the characteristics of a Punk track. Also it’s packed with in your face one liners which scream of someone adapting to a social situation they don’t want to be in, well that’s my take away from the song.

The catchy guitar work is also impeccable across all four tracks, as the band really showcase what a difference great guitar work can have on a song. From the fuzzy, poppy riff in ‘Plastic’ to the fun and bouncy one in ‘Gills’.

The EP ends with the unreleased track ‘Teeth’ which takes the EP down a notch, as the pace slows down and the band let you breathe…for two minutes. Then they burst back into life with Bennett giving a guttural scream which you can feel. This energy flows through the track as it seems the band open up their inner-Nirvana.

The EP is one of the best this year, and has really made Gender Roles a band to look out for. It comes across as very real, and as a whole the EP flows. All the tracks seem to come from the same idea, and it doesn’t feel like any track was just shoved in there to kill time. Also the artwork for this is impressive, got to love when bands make an effort for the artwork because it just makes it that bit more admirable. Solid work guys!


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

See the guys live for FREE Tour down below!

Gender Roles Tour
Chiara Gambuto


EP Review | No Hot Ashes – ‘Skint Kids Disco EP’

No Hot Ashes Skint Kids Disco EP

No Hot Ashes produce a fine Debut EP with ‘Skint Kids Disco’

Skint Kids Disco is the debut EP from Stockport band No Hot Ashes. After years tearing up venues all around the UK, this EP gives them validation of their true talent.

After dropping ‘Eight Till Late’ last year it was clear the EP was going to be packed to the brim with dancehall vibes combined with ear piercing guitar riffs, which is what they’ve provided in the EP. The EP title track ‘Skint Kids Disco’  is the brightest spark on the album, as singer Isaac Taylor provides us with the catchiest hook-lines the bands ever produced:

Find me by the skint kids disco trying to look alive/ take me to the skint kids disco just trying to survive”

The gruffalo aggression in the tone of Taylor’s voice as he delivers the lyrics is endearing, providing a desirable contrast to their bouncy disco instrumentals. There’s a beam of energy that streaks through the entire EP, and this track really is the heart of it.

Bad Crowd’ wraps the up the EP, which has an exotic musicality with bright electronic strings to open up the whole track. Once again Taylor effortlessly paints a picture which only a working class kid could truly understand. This song follows the suit of the EP with the in-your-face vocals along with a really sleek guitar riff, however you do get to hear more of a vocal range from Taylor as he sings “It’s alright it’s okay/it should work out anyway” midway through the song. The track ends in spectacular fashion with the guitars screeching and the vocals showing real emotion.

This EP should set the band up for some memorable shows, as audiences can really fall into this EP and it’s sound which will cause mayhem at live shows. Great to see how far the guys have come, and it’s obvious they’re going to go further with releases like this one.


Words by Alex Wise @AJwise


EP Review | Spinn – ‘Spinn EP’

Spinn EP

Liverpool Band Spinn Release their Jangly Dream Pop Debut EP

Just finishing listening to ‘After Dark’ earlier in the year it was quite clear that Liverpool band Spinn had a lot to offer. Since then it’s been a short wait for the band to release the EP, and it’s so good to have it in the Worlds arms.

The EP from top to bottom is coated with twinkling guitars, similar to ones that could be heard on a Mac Demarco record. But the sleek vocals that lay over the instrumentals couldn’t be any further from Mac Demarco, as that endearing scouse twang gives a subtle attitude to the tracks. From the start you’re given the fast paced dancer ‘She Takes Her Time’ which is a joy to listen to, especially with that arcade sounding solo.

You then have the two tracks that were released this year ‘After Dark’ and ‘Who You Are’, both of which could contest to be song of the EP. Their jangly dream pop warps all around the room giving off cool breeze that only a sweet guitar riff could. ‘After Dark’ has this brooding composure about it with it’s deep riff, while ‘Who You Are’ carries a in-your-face attitude fronted by the lines:

“Don’t you tell me/how you’re so oh so/oh so very different to anyone else/I See through you”  

The final track ‘November‘ is Synth heavy and once again is armed with that deep and dark guitar riff. However the song comes bursting to colour when it breaks down, which is bliss to listen to.

Spinn have a special air around them which gives them that slightly larger than life feel. The guys can be very proud of this EP, and I’m looking forward to them taking it out on the road, if you’re around one of their shows make sure you get yourself down there.

Listen to the FULL EP HERE!


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | The Calamity – ‘I Fell Asleep’


The Calamity ‘I Fell Asleep’ gets Single of the Week

Single of the Week is a tad bit late due to the Easter Weekend, however it’s back on track and there’s a new track for you!

This week it’s Wolverhampton Band The Calamity and their latest song ‘I Fell Asleep’ providing us with Single of the week.

The slow paced track is well thought out and has a very grim feel surrounding it as the slumber-filled guitar plays out. The under-produced video adds to that gritty, fly on the wall feeling of it all, making it an ideal package. The story-telling in the song is it’s strongest feature as lead singer Billy Haynes tells us how he fell asleep and dreamt of World War III. He paints the scene of how he sees it panning out for us all, a dark but detailed picture giving depth to it all.

The band are still in their infancy but it’s clear that the ideas are there, especially with their sound. Looking forward to what they will do in their next project as I feel they have a lot more to offer.

That’s this weeks Single of the Week, hope you enjoyed it! If you think you have a Single of the Week on your hands get in touch!



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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

EP Review | Skirt – ‘Is It?’


Corby Band Skirt release debut EP ‘Is it?’

After featuring Skirt a few months ago when they released their track ‘Sarcasm’, a close eye has been kept on the band from Corby. Rightly so, as they released their debut EP last week when Is It? Grace all music platforms!

The EP is a compacted riot as each track is fast paced, loud and very aggressive. As soon as the EP opens up with ‘OGB’ it’s evident the band just want to create an immediate sense of urgency. The EP is very riff heavy as the band clearly understand that they’re capable of writing a mean hook.

The EP definitely leans to the more heavier side, however the melodies still maintain pop sensibilities in some respects. The next track ‘Dead Cool’ allows you no time to rest, as soon as it starts you ears are under attack from the music of Skirt. The song just clocks in over two minutes, giving it that punk edge and that short, sharp and catchy characteristic.

Easy Tiger’ and ‘Deep Down’ are possibly the two best on the EP, with the latter having the best riff on the album as there’s just no give. ‘You’ finishes up the EP, and is the tamest song to feature on the EP, yet the band still keep that sharp edge with a piercing riff. Also the starting drums are some of the most interesting I’ve ever heard. The songs is yet another catchy one, bringing the EP to a grand closing.

It’s great to hear Skirt have continued to progress in the songwriting, and hopefully this EP will further the momentum they got with ‘Sarcasm’. This Ep is just a short blast of energy, and is highly recommended who needs to get pumped up.


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise   

EP Review | Pale Waves – ‘ALL THE THINGS I NEVER SAID’

Pale Waves - All the things I never saidSince the middle of last year Pale Waves have been highly anticipated to make their surge into the conscious minds of every music fan. After being dubbed as one of the best up and coming acts in the UK, their debut EP ‘ALL THE THINGS I NEVER SAID’ has had a close eye kept on it.

Pale Waves dive head first into that synth-dance vibe which is combined with vocals that have been coated with reverb. Pale Waves however have enough personality and style to t carve themselves their own corner in this in the genre. Yes, it could be seen as 1975 rip-off but Pale Waves bring something different to the table.

First of all the vocals across the entire EP are angelic as their dipped in sugar, yet combined with the feel of the band it gives a great contrast to their style. For example ‘New Years Eve’ has a very dark underbelly but it’s delivered in the sweetest of ways.

My Obsession’ is a heartbreaking tale of a girl obsessed with someone, easily relatable. The vocals seem to drift around an ocean of overdriven guitars providing a certain lost feel.

The EP also has some easy-to-dance-to hooks, as the guitar swirls around that teeny bop vibe making it incredibly infectious. ‘The Tide’ has summer driven riff which wouldn’t look out of place on a 1975 track – but that’s okay. The same can be said for the closer ‘Heavenly’ as this also shares those same qualities, as it end the EP on a high.

The EP won’t be breaking any ground or re-inventing the wheel, but the record at its very core is a great pop EP. I can easily this easily rubbing a lot of 1975 haters the wrong way, but it’s not for them. Although I don’t see myself dancing around the room to it any time soon, I can take it for what it is, which is good pop music. Can easily see this being a big first step for Pale Waves this year, as I’m sure there will be more coming.


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

EP Review | TALMA – ‘Out To Sea’


February has been a rich month for music, and it continues that form with the latest EP release from TALMA. Out To Sea is the bands Second EP and one that should throw momentum right behind them. Ahead of the release the band put out ‘Out to Sea’ and ‘In Circles’ both of which built up anticipation for the release.

With ‘In Circles’ starting the EP off you get a real feel for TALMA immediately. As the vocals take control of the song and weave the story. You start to hear essences of Morrisey, the as the lead vocals seem to have that pull, that commanding demeanour to them throughout the track.

The musicality of the entire EP is very good, as each track sounds very tight and well put together. The songs have a very trusted structure, which is consistently executed. Take the second track ‘Lifeline’, it’s a perfect example of this, with a very tasty guitar part towards the end. ‘Starless Skies’ also has this same effect with the music providing a notepad for the lyrics to tell the story.

Out To Sea’ is the final track on the EP, and is possibly the best on here. As the band keep to that essence of Elbow, they seem to throw a little more vinegar on this track. You still have the calm, strung out vocals yet the guitars have more of a snap to them. The closing of the song is excellent with a well oiled ending gives the vision of organised chaos.

Out To Sea overall is a very dramatic EP, with each song conveying a message which is sent delicately. TALMA have very much found their sound with this release, as each track maintains certain elements which tie it to them. Hopefully this EP will spur on more releases from the band, but for the meantime priority must lie with getting these songs played live on tour.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

EP Review: Peach Club – ‘Cherry Baby’

Even though Peach Club have only been on my radar for a short amount of time, as soon as I heard them I couldn’t wait for the release of their debut EP. This is the effect that Peach Club can have on you, they’re a very different band with venom running through their veins which comes out in their music.

After hearing ‘Bad Bitch’ ‘Cherry Baby’, two tracks that preceded the album, you get an instant feeling of what Peach Club are all about, raw vocals and rough guitars that create this perfect instrumental to what anger sounds like in song form. It became appparant after listening to those two songs repeatedly, that if they could carry this energy over an EP they would have a very good piece of work. Which is what Cherry Baby is.

Cherry Baby embodies what Peach Club are, this raw emotion which is delivered in a very visceral yet melodic way.

As soon as the EP kicks off with ‘Venus’ the band refuse to let go as they never slow down for a second. This opening track very much sets the tone for the entire EP as the band masterfully mix this heavily distorted guitar with this highly pitched voiced with an attitude, and it works perfectly. The contrast between them is so different it covers a lot of ground, and when combined with in-your-face vocals it becomes any riot grrrls dream.

The self titled track ‘Cherry Baby‘ follows, and it really is a highlight of the EP. The band tell the story of a girl called Cherry Baby chasing the dream of becoming a star with the helping hand of a controlling manager. The chorus of the song really makes it stand out, purely because of how it’s delivered. You can really hear the desperation of Cherry Baby in the vocals, adding this emotion into the song.

The EP rolls on with ‘Oh My God’, however when the intro of ‘Bad Bitch’ comes on you’re instantly hooked. The unique opening of the clapping hands throw you a curve ball, as it’s the most explicit song on the EP. You could easily lose yourself to this song, as you confess how much of a Bad Bitch you are at the top of your lungs. Also the track as this cool little twinkle twinkle littler star moment, which also gets stuck in the mind.

It’s finished off with ‘Death Becomes Her’ which is a great closer, as it serves as a final reminder of who Peach Club are as the drums are crashing with the guitar once again delivering another heavy riff that cannot be stopped.

Overall the EP serves perfectly as an introduction to Peach Club, because if you didn’t know what they were about going in, you will have a clear idea after. Looking forward to see where the band take it from here, as I can see the Cherry Baby tour being a very memorable one, with EP hopefully taking them to the next level!


Make sure you go and see the band live if you can, it will be your loss if you don’t!


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3rd – Birthdays – London – Tickets

Words By Alex Wise @AJWise

EP REVIEW | Big Ginger Kid – ‘Wonderbread’

Big ginger Kid - 'Wonderbread'
Big ginger Kid – ‘Wonderbread’

After some time building up their name by playing gigs all around the UK, Big Ginger Kid have finally delivered with their debut EP, which is being released on Local Record Label Strawberry Moon Records. Releasing a demo version of ‘Play it Out’ online was the first sniff we had of any new releases, and since then the band haven’t released anything else.

The band has been neatly crafting away developing their sound and, ultimately finding out who they are as a band. After listening to their debut EP it’s safe to say the band firmly know what their sound is, and who they’re aiming it towards. The EP has been produced by the Band, so their sound has been entirely molded by themselves which is a brave thing to do as relatively new band.

The EP opens up with stand out song ‘Play it out’ with all it’s edginess, and is where Pritchard really shines. He can bring that swagger to his vocals and has the riff right there with him to back it up at every corner. The track is really rough, with guitar sounding like it was recorded with plenty of reverb as well as the vocals, it’s easy to see why this song was chosen as the single. This song really set the tone for the entire EP.

Lost On Me’ steps up next, and once again is driven by this smart, slick riff which is beautifully complicated and satisfying to hear, as it rolls off the guitar. As it bursts into energy the drums really provides that gumption to bring it to life. The chorus is equally as catchy; with Pritchard blaring out “Get lost on me” it entices you to sing along. What is most endearing about this track is the solo, as it refuses to placid and leaves a real mark on the track giving it that bit of depth.

The guitar work is the strongest component on this EP, as it stands out in every single track, leaving you to sit back and admire. Not to take away from the other elements, but the guitar gives the songs that density, which standard chords and rhythm simply cannot give.

Runaway’ is next which is pillared by this heavy, overdriven fast paced riff which has a twinge of despair to it. Pritchard’s vocals on the track are impressive as they have always been. It dips and switches through soft lullabies to urgent raised chants, while maintaining that melody.

The EP raps up with the funky track ‘She Said’ which is something that wouldn’t sound misplaced on a Stone Roses record. The lazy kickback bass riff allows Pritchard to bring a certain tone to his vocals and once again that swagger makes an appearance. The solo at the end of the track is once again something to behold as just puts an extra shine on to the whole track and EP.

The EP has given Big Ginger Kid a platform to build upon, as they’ve clearly found their sound now it’s just a case of where they want to take it. It’s hard to see where their next project will come from, but with the heat of this EP it’s surely something they have to build on.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

EP Review: Chasing Deer – ‘Moving On’

Self-described pop-rock band Chasing Deer have been working hard on their follow up EP Moving On after the success of their debut, Rewriting History. The three-piece are always gigging in and around the London area developing their own unique sound which is somewhere between pop band Lawson and acoustic wonders Boyce Avenue. The new record holds four tracks and we have been lucky enough to receive a copy early, so here are our thoughts.  

The EP is pakced with your fill of catchy, sing-a-along songs, capturing their main audience perfectly. As regular buskers and wedding performers they have developed a sound so distinctive that you feel as though they are singing in the room with you, directly to you.

The first song holds the same name as the title and carries an air of hope and fulfilment. It’s bouncy, it’s catchy and it’s one of those songs that just makes you smile. The high notes are hit perfectly and it’s the kind of track that will be playing in your head for hours, but we promise – you won’t tire of hearing it.  

After a strong start we are introduced to a song so different to the first it’s almost a risk. Second track The Simple Life is a keyboard led, mellow song where the lyrics bring a chilling sense of home to the listener as it demands our full attention. Risk or not, I’m fond of this song as it really shows off the strength of lead singer, Rob’s vocals and they haven’t lost their core importance of making it catchy. There’s an underlying 80s vibe to this one which is something that continues into the next song, Cover of the Shade. These two songs follow on from each other seamlessly and this shady title mirrors the theme of the track, making it a firm favourite. It’s one that wouldn’t be out of place in the background of a movie. The chilling vocals repeat the words “he’s going to track you down” the whole way through which gives the song the power it needs to be a stand out song.

So soon, we find ourselves at the finale which opens with a wonderful glissando on the keys before introducing this incredible old-school dance song. It’s the perfect family song, right from the very first listen you can picture people getting up and dancing at a wedding reception or a birthday party. It’s a wonderful end to the EP and will leave you wanting to listen to it again and again.

It’s a massive contrast to their first EP and is definitely a lot lighter, focusing more on the pop aspects than the rock –  but don’t confuse that with your average chart music because there’s nothing like it out there. The definite finish of the last key played in the final song symbolises a job well done. It’s available for pre-order now and is officially out on the 19th May so do yourself a favour and grab a copy.


Words by Louise Tindall @louisetindallx