Morrissey – Speedway


Choosing the song to review today really wasn’t easy, I decided it was going to be on one of Mozza’s songs, then I thought right, which fuckin’ one. Spent about half an hour going through songs thinking ‘Yeah, that’s good love that, do it on that’ then looking on the side and seeing more songs then I thought ‘shit, that one’. That’s how you waste half hour looking through songs, well not waste but just looking through songs.

I chose this one because I hadn’t listened to it for ages, and I forgot about it as well, so I thought I owe it to the song now, I’ve gotta do it now. It could have been, suedehead, Jack the Ripper, will never marry (because i think the first lyrics of that song are beautiful), Now my heart is full and any of Viva Hate, to be honest I could just go on and fucking on.

I don’t know why I have such a liking to this song, I just have. I love the lyrics, but that’s just obvious, saying you like Morrissey’s lyrics is like saying you like Mr.Kiplings cakes, course you fucking do. I suppose what really made me fall love in with this song is the fact that first time I heard it, I heard it live and it just blew me away! Actually I’m going to put that video up, rather than just the audio because I believe it’s a lot better version. compared to all his other songs, I think this has that more of a raw feel to it than a lot of his other ones.



I know this blog isn’t really about the song, it’s more about Mozza and how great he is. I think a lot of people underrate, when they hear The Smiths they think ‘god it’s depressing, slit your wrists’ AND IT’S NOT, then they hear Morrissey’s solo and think exactly the same. Morrissey is a brilliant artist, with some very strong views on politics and the queen (which doesn’t help build his fan base, but fuck em’), and with one of the most extravagant voices ever, there will never be a voice like his, I’m not saying it’s the best, but it’s so different and unique. Anyway check out the video, I’ve also put another one their, because every time I listen to it, I piss myself.

The Smiths – Sweet and Tender Hooligan

The Smiths, Morrisey chucking some flowers around, how beautiful

So far on my blog lark, I have even mentioned The Smiths (I don’t think), even if I have, I haven’t reviewed one of their songs. I thought I’d do this one because I think it’s under the radar and not a lot of people know about it, AND THEY FUCKING SHOULD. As soon as the song comes on that riff just hits you immediately, and Johnny Marr’s brilliance is just shown, even in that little part you know how good he is and how good this song is.

I think the song is hilarious, and a lot of The Smiths songs are, just little lyrics you hear and find yourself tittering to yourself, then everybody looks at you and ask what your laughing and then you explain your laughing at the line “Poor woman
Strangled in her very own bed as she read
But that’s OK
Because she was old and she would have died anyway”. Fucking brilliant.

There’s another couple of lines in there that are quite witty, but I don’t wanna say em’ because I want you to listen to the song. I think this probably one of the best vocal performances from the man Morrisey, along with a lot of other songs to obviously but I think this does really stand out as one of his best, and also lyrically I think it’s probably one of the best as well.

See! He started the Glasses craze! Not Tinie fucking Tempah



















Personally I think this is a very different tune to a lot of their other stuff, for instance the sound of the guitar, it’s completely different. It’s quite fast paced, which is quite different from their other songs and I think the drums are more prominent in this then a lot of their other stuff they done.

There’s two problems with this dong I think, one is that it doesn’t go on for long enough, think it should go for a bit longer. The next problem bit is the ‘Etcetera’ part of the end of it, and there’s two reasons for this:~

1. It’s a killer to sing, you’re trying to singing along, and you just can’t hack it (could just be me on that one)

2.It goes on for way to long, so your trying to sing it, and your running out of breath doing it.

Overall I think it’s a brilliant song, and a song that doesn’t get enough credit, it truly is a diamond in the shit.


















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The Stone Roses – She bangs the drums


The roses back in the day, when they were you and youthful

Looking at my blog I noticed  that they wasn’t a Stone Roses one (well there was but, it was about news), and I thought FUCK! Got to get one done right now else, I won’t have one until I do it, and that will affect no one, not even me, so I’m just doing it because I fancy it. Then it was just the case of picking the song, so I chose it by which one of their songs made me dance like the biggest dick, and this won by a country mile, because when I dance to this I look a right dick, and there’s not much I can do about it.

As soon as I hear the starting riff to this song, a pillow goes straight over my lap because I get that excited (even when I’ve put the song on, and I know it’s coming on).  This song is perfect for me, everything on their is perfect they couldn’t have made it any better. I think John Squire’s guitar on this song, and all the other songs on this album is magical. When I hear it I just go into a complete state of ore for that sound, I just wish a lot more things sounded like this, for example, a door opening, a kettle boiling or a microwave pinging, you get the jist of it.  In all of their songs the bass is prominent, you can always hear it, whereas in other songs I don’t really fucking notice it. In this song I think the use the bass really well, this is due to the fact that Mani is a brilliant fucking bass player. The drums are also really prominent in this song as well, (and I will write  the same statement again just with a different name), this is due to the fact that Reni was a fucking brilliant at playing drums, he could play drums as well as Hendrix played guitar, pure natural. I think John Squire’s skills on the guitar speak for itself, the noises he makes with it are just amazing, he could play a solo for a day and I don’t think Iwould get bored of watching the guy because I’d be that fucking amazed. NME had it down as the 8th most explosive choruses, I still don’t think that does it justice because I think it’s even better then that, perhaps a number 2 spot behind Oasis – Don’t look back in anger would have been a lot more reasonable.

I think the songs got a great sound and feel to it, just a really good fucking tune to dance like a dick too and what’s beautiful about it is that no-one can say anything because if they’re listening and dancing to it, chances are they’re dancing like a dick too. Anyway, if you haven’t listened to the song LISTEN TO IT! If you haven’t listened to the album, LISTEN TO IT! and if you don’t like it, you’re strange. The song is below, so put it on and dance like a dick.

The Last of the Shadow Puppets – The Age Of The understatement

Right, writing about this song because me and my mate were practising and it was hard, and I had the fucking easier bit, not completely easy but easy compared to what my mate was doing, dunno how the fuck he was doing it. Of course when I write that I’m writing about the  strumming for this song, Turner looks like he’s gonna explode all over Miles and his beautiful face.

The lads, just chilling out, looking sexy and that

Of course this song was on their first and only album (not for long I hope, and I’m sure lots of other people are hoping too) , the songs was also titled as the albums name. Before I look at the song, the album is brilliant, there’s not many albums where I can listen to all the songs without skipping them and this is one of them, however some of them are quite short and you’re just shouting at the CD player (or whatever you play it on) ‘one more verse lads, so I can hear that chorus one more time’, but I suppose that’s one of the factors that make it so brilliant, it leaves you wanting more.

I think the song is a brilliantly pieced together, with Miles chipping in every now and then with a little diddy, which really adds a lot to the piece. Even though Turner is teaming up with Miles for this, I don’t think it takes anything away from his song writing technique with those long wordy lyrics, and sometimes I don’t know how it fits in, if anything I think Miles brings a lot to the table and brings a good mix. If anything I think Miles and Alex have a brilliant repertoire, which is quite rare and people struggle to find that even after years of being together. I also like how fast paced it is, and keeps that speed throughout the whole song and doesn’t slow down.

So yeah, brilliant song and hopefully the lads will grace the world with another album of theirs, if we could be so lucky. If you like this song it’s worth having a look at some of their other songs. HAVE A LISTEN!


The Kooks – Always where I need to be

Thought I’d do this because I haven’t done one in a while (apologies), it’s playing at the moment and my girlfriend loves them unfortunately.

It’s not bad song as it happens, as it goes, to be honest, to be fair, it’s just his voice sometimes,most times, nearly all the time can be fucking annoying because it’s to winey (tip. if you’re not to keen on his voice because of the winey factor, then steer clear of the acoustics sessions). I like the rhythm of the song, The Kooks are quite good at writing these types of songs, quite happy and bouncy. Also you got a decent hook line in ‘do do dodod dodod dodod do’ however it fucking goes. Also like the solo, to look at Hugh ( the lead guitarist), you’d think he was just a victim of casual bullying, and you’d probably be right but he is quite good on a guitar as well. The lyrics? yeah they’re quite nice they sorta roll of your tongue when you sign them, also it is a complete bastard to get out of your head, this song can stick around for a couple of annoying hours.


Dirty Pretty Things – Gin and Milk

Thought I’d put this up there, quite an old song but still a great song, so I haven’t just put up here because Carl Barat is a legend but also because it is a great song.

I think this song is really in your face and carries a lot of a attitude and a meaning with it, which is really imporatant I think if a song has no meaning or story to it thenI find it quite weak.

The band only lasted 3 years, an made one really good album with a lot of strongs songs on it and then really terrible album 2 years later which I think forced the split because it was that bad.  This song came off the first album, and is probably the strongest song on there. If you like this I think you should listen to the rest of the album which is called  ‘Waterloo to anywhere’, but please stay away from their second album ‘romance at short notice’ as this doesn’t reflect Carl Barats best work.

Babyshambles – I Wish

Another song that’s connected to Pedro, seems like I review nothing else, I will start eventually. I just started listening to this track again a couple of weeks back, songs seem to do that you forget them for about six months, a year then they come back and around and then you think ‘shit, how did I forget this one’, thankfully it comes back round, you listen to it, enjoy it and then forget it for a while. This song manages to make any bad situation in to good one, for example a bit of mayo dropping from your sandwich that you’ve just purchased for £2.15 from the Co-op, on to your shoe and your ‘mates’ pissing themselves. It’s very different to anything that the babyshambles have ever done, normally you get a heavily distorted guitar screeching down the speakers, which is nice but it’s also good to have a bit of variety which ‘The Blinding Ep’ did (this is a ep that ‘I wish’ featured on). The songs has a Ska feel to it, quite bouncy and happy, and if you have legs it makes you dance. Pete’s lyrics are never missing as always, perhaps a bit simple but still quite clever I find and also they really suit the song, In fact when I went to see him live people screaming out ” oh oh ohhhh ohhh ohh”, fantastically simple, beautiful.

The Libertines – Music When The Lights Go out

This is quite easily one of my favourite of the Libs, purely because its simple, simple riff, simple singing and just simply. However the most significant part is is the lyrics, the amount of times I’ve listened to this song and felt shivers up my spine are countless, and even more so when they split up. I think they (Pete’n’ Carl) took the subject love and put a very realistic but dark twist on it for instance the line ‘all the memories of the drugs and the tubs’. Even if rock/punk/indie isn’t your favourite types of music I think that you still have to adore it for what it is, a beautiful love song.

The Libertines – Up the bracket

Yes, this album came out a while back, 9 years back, seems a really long time so much has happened concerning Pete and Carl and their relationship since then. They both went off and made new bands (not so much Carl, as he still had Gary Powell on drums), they both had their solo albums, they re-united and raised all hopes of their devoting fans (including me) and then said they won’t be getting back together any time soon and upset all their devoting fans again (again including me). Although all this has happened I don’t think this should stop me reviewing what I think is one of the perfect albums out there today and not many albums can really top it.

Pete Doherty is a big Tony Hancock fan, and this is where the albums name came from because it was one of Tony Hancocks phrases he used to use and is slang for ‘Punch in the throat’. I don’t know if it was a coincidence (most definitely not), but the phrase also means to snort a line of cocaine. I think it was a coincidence as I don’t think these boys touched that stuff, or did they? Anyways lets have a look at the album.


‘Vertigo’ for those who didn’t know is a type of dizziness, basically that means you feel like your moving when your standing still. It can cause vomiting, nausea that type of stuff. I wanted to mention that just in case nobody knew, now you do know you can put it in the song and will help you ‘get it’. Anyways the song. It’s a great opener because it straight away makes you hear what your in for the rest of the album. Whats the song got? a catchy riff, scratchy guitars, beautiful lyrics, loud drums, hint of attitude and a voice that could sing an owl to sleep at night. So it’s got everything, it doesn’t throw you straight in at the deep end, but it does gently walk you in to the pool after you’ve just been dipping your toes in the water.

2.Death on the stairs

Like the ‘vertigo’ and many of the Libertines songs, another brilliant but simple riff. The riff doesn’t overdo it, sometimes bands can do that and have to many notes, but the Libs liked to keep it simple but pure brilliance. On this song is where you hear Pete’s voice for the first time alone on the album, and what a beautiful sound it is as he softly sings out the words ‘monkey asked the mouse before,if she loved anybody more than he’, which is a line that always sticks in my mind. What I love about this songs is that they had Carl sing first and then Pete, so you go both in that song. A lot of people are torn between libertines songs because they prefer Pete’s voice to Carl’s or the other way round. In this song, both parties are happy. A catchy song that I will never get tired of hearing.


The first song on the album which was purely sung by Pete, which for me makes it special, gives it that extra edge and attitude. Is it the way he sings it? my girlfriend asks, yes, yes it is. The way he screams down the microphone as if he will never get to sing again, the way that in the song he steps away from the mic because I assume he was that into the song, when he sings he sounds desperate I find it amazing he can put that emotion into his singing. He sings ‘the horse is brown’  both words ‘horse’ and ‘brown’ is slang for heroin, so clearly the song is about drugs, which gives that extra danger about it. The song starts fast, ends fast but it ends just a sudden halt. There’s no climax really, you expect it to go on and carry but it just stops. Brilliant.

4.Time for heroes

If you don’t know this song, where have you been? do you listen to music? and if you don’t like the song, I would consider cutting your brain out and investing in another one until you do like it because it’s one of the best songs ever made. It’s got youth and attitude written all over it, the song just makes you want to get up and go bonkers. Pete wrote the song based on the London Mayday riots, as you hear the first words of the first line ‘did you see the….’, are perfect, and the way it’s sung, as if he’s totally out of it. Personally I think this expresses Pete’s best poetry that he’s done. Although it doesn’t rhyme, or he doesn’t use the most glamorous words it still is very powerful. I love how he says that they will die in a class of our own, like even if we’re not good enough for the posh kids we’ll die doing our own thing. Looking at the guitar side of the song, I think this was one of the best solo’s that Mr.Barat ever composed, it was fast, went well with the song and quite hard to master, as I decided to try it and it didn’t go to well.

5.Boys in the band

The start of this song for me beats, any start of any song. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m biased towards the libs or because I haven’t listened to every song in the world. But It just is for me, having Pete’s and Carl’s guitars like shouting back at each other. You have that riff that’s like a kid blowing raspberry and then the other guitar getting gradually getting more angrier with the other one, and then it just bursts into a big fight. Also when they were doing the song at  Reading & Leeds and Pete and Carl were facing towards Gary on drums, you could just feel the energy, they were all pumping each other up. Quite clearly the songs about groupies with the title being ‘boys in the band’ and the lyrics also stating things that they think about the groupies, and that they ‘all get them out for the boys in the band’. The energy and the pace that comes off the song because of the screeching guitars and the drums having that beat is just the libertines all over, again to me it says youth, fun, living fast  and that’s what they wanted from their songs, just pure aggression.  I’m very fond of this song, it’s easily one of my favourite Libs songs.

6.Radio america

Then they slow it down, right down, but the quality doesn’t stop. Pete’s poetry really blossoms in this because everything is slowed down and the guitars are quite soothing and easy listening. He wants to take his love to his girl, but how far will he go to give her that love she deserves. There is a part of the song where Carl’s head hits one of  the symbols of the drum, it’s towards the end listen out for it. Not a song you would expect from the libs, something you would exactly expect off Pete. None the less, just an easy listening tune.

7. Up the bracket

The yelp and scream of Pete at the start of the song just before he shouts ‘get out of it’. The start of that song sums up the whole song, just pure attitude. The song I think is about Pete getting followed by these two gentlemen that would like some information off him, an he didn’t want to divulge this information so he gave them the ‘v’ ( Basically he swore at em’). Having done that, he gets chased up the stairs and met by some people who know those other two gentlemen (blokes). So in that sense it’s a good story telling, obviously not as good ad Dylan, but you couldn’t really have a Dylan song and show aggression,too many words. Having those references about giving him the ‘v’ and naming streets in London makes the song incredibly British, which is a great thing as not a lot of artists manage to do that today. Overall it really is an amazing, from start to finish just none stop anger and raw energy that you only get from a few songs.

8. Tell the king

The daunting start to the song with those guitars making you feel like somebody is coming after you, and the way Carl whispers ‘got a little secret for ya’ you feel like his personally telling you something, just a secret between you and him. Go on tell us Carl. The song for me is about journalists, and no matter what you say or do or how successful you are they can make a mockery of you, they can pick the tiniest thing and make it a worldwide problem. ‘Tell it to your king, go on and tell him everything you know’, great line, saying ‘go on tell the guy who’s going to publish this, tell the world. We don’t even know what your on about’. Without that meaning I don’t think the song could’ve been that great. As you listen to the guitar you feel like your falling through a hole and you can’t do anything.

9. The boy who looked at Jonny

This song I believe to about the lead singer of razorlight Johnny Borrell, I believe he used to play bass for them for while, and lived with them, didn’t get on. He’s arrogant, unless he just portrays to be arrogant but inside his loving soul, who’s just confused and doesn’t know what to do. Great song, with a great little chorus, even your Mom could sing to it if she wanted, unless she already does, in that case your Nan can. I also like the way way Pete shouts down the microphone, you get a sens he really means it when he’s singing it, that gives it that punk affect the libs are known to have.

10. Begging

As the song fades in, you seem to think your in for a quiet one as your mom takes her fingers out her ears. But then suddenly jumps back into the rush and the pace of the rest of the album. I think this song is under rated, as I’ve  found myself and my friends skipping it as we hear the start of the song. When I think,why is it under rated and I look at the song as a whole there’s nothing that’s really lacking. Carl’s singing is immaculate, it’s loud, gets the blood pumping and is well structured. Perhaps it’s because Pete doesn’t pop up in it or maybe it’s because the hook line isn’t too catchy, regardless to those points it’s a good tune. As the song comes to a climax the guitars screech and made me feel as if I was in a whirlwind, got me quite frightened.

11. The good old days

One of the finest lyrical compositions by Pedro and Carlos as this is just a lyrical masterpiece, fair enough you may not hear them sing it so clearly (if not find out) but how they sing it gives it a real feel to it. I’ve seen a few tattoos of these lyrics on people, and I’m sure some people actually live by them. As I sit hear and listen to the song as it’s getting dark outside it has a daunting affect on me, as Pete and Carl’s guitars give me the shivers once again. Having that affect on you it doesn’t lose the pace or the scratchiness of the guitars. A song that is not only heard, but felt.

12. I get along

The best song to have at the end of an album? Well stop asking because here’s you answer, an amazing song and gift to the world “I get along”. Should the Libs have ended the album with a slower song? no, because it wouldn’t have been this one and that would be wrong. The drums at the start make you feel as if the album is starting all over again, and your getting a load of songs coming up. The way Mr.Barat expresses the words “fuck ’em” in this song, just sum up the whole album because those words carry so much attitude. It’s cliche to say that ‘the album leaves you wanting more’, but this actually does because the album starts with an impact of a earthquake that’s hit 5.3 on the Richter scale. So a few house have been knocked down, your corner shops gone, along with your shed and you’ve lost your dog. By the end of the album it’s hit 9.0 on the Richter scale and whole world is split in two and the apocalyptic horsemen have stolen your grandparents, it’s all gone mad. A perfect album, thank you.

Songs to download: The whole thing, seriously.