Interview | The Calamity Answer 10 Questions

The Calamity Band

Wolverhampton Band The Calamity take on the 10 Questions!

Interview: Present are Billy Haynes (guitar/vocals), Matt Smith (guitar), Steph Haynes (bass) and George Holt (keys).

1. Where did band name come from?

Billy: Out of a hat. The hat’s decision is final. I’m not sure whether the hat is literal or figurative.

2. What made you want to get into music?

B: Creative expression?

Matt: Not wanting to have a shit job.

B: Though we don’t make any money so we have to have shit jobs anyway.

3. Best venue you’ve ever played and why?

Steph: The NAC [Newhampton Arts Centre]. We played at ‘Strummerjam’ there last summer.

M: We put these gigs on at Asylum Art Gallery in Wolves, they’re really good. It’s just a white room with no toilet, everyone has to piss behind the bins. It’s free and a great atmosphere, and we don’t have to deal with promoters.

B: Mmm… promoters.

M: It has a kind of renegade thing to it.

B: I used to love the Adelphi in Hull when I was at uni there, used to play there a lot. It’s like someone’s living room made into a gig venue. We’d like to take the band there at some point.

4. One band/artist you’d love to support?

M: Should we say someone really niche?

S: Nah someone massive. Ariana Grande?

George: Do they have to be still functional? If not then the Velvet Underground.

B: Probably Peter Doherty. I remember seeing him in Coventry once, there were four support acts. It was a sort a cabaret vibe, very cool.

5. What’s the greatest love song ever written?

M:‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner.

B: Erm…

6. The best album you’ve heard this year?

M: ‘Brutalism’ by Idles. Looking forward to listening to their new one.

B: I bought Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Psychocandy’ couple of months ago, love that.

G: ‘Unknown Pleasures’ by Joy Division. Not sure if I listened to it this year or last year though.

S: Not really listened to anything. I think when you play music a lot of people expect you to be an ‘aficionado’; but I’m not that into consuming music, I just enjoy playing it.

7. Most overrated artist of all time?

S: The Calamity.

B: Queen. Definitely Queen. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is terrible and makes me sad.

M: Ed Sheeran.

B: Is he rated?

M: Yeah! All the idiots love Sheeran.

8: What’s the last song you streamed on Spotify?

M: ‘Drunken Angel’ by Lucinda Williams.

G: I can’t get my Spotify to work.

B: I don’t have it. We’re listening to The Fall at the moment though… I listened to a band called Real Estate the other day.

9: Bands to look out for?

G: Raphaella Kornaskis…

B: Bryony Williams…

M: The Calamity?

B: Yeah! I think we’re quite introspective as a collective, our influences are mostly archaic and we can’t afford Saturdays at the Sunflower Lounge. So in terms of the ‘scene’ we’re very much outsiders.

M: We’re trying to do something different, make something that we’d love cos no one else is doing it.

S: Be the band you want to see in the world.

10: Plans for the future?

S: Film a video for our song ‘Pagans’.

B: World domination. Take the band on tour, make new records.

M: I want to be happy and not be bored and working for £7.83 an hour like a twat.

Just would like to say thanks once again to The Calamity for taking the 10 Questions on. Make sure you follow them and check out their music!

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