New Release | Indoor Pets – ‘Hi’

Indoor Pets - Phoebe Fox
Photo by Phoebe Fox

Indoor Pets Surprise us All by Releasing New Track ‘Hi

For the most part of the year Indoor Pets have kept themselves fairly quiet on the new music front, after releasing ‘So Soon’ earlier on in the year. However after signing to Wichita, and playing a few shows the momentum seems to have been really picking and this song is only just the start I believe.

Listen to the Track Below:

The bands fun-loving, carefree attitude is sprawled all across this song, as I get the vision of it being created with limitless imagination and the lyrics taken down in crayon, it’s just that fun.

One thing you’re guaranteed in an Indoor Pets track is a catchy guitar riff and frontman Jamie hitting those ridiculous high notes, and we get both! Jamie scream “I’ll never get that Hi”, which is simple yet endearing line, and when you have these overdrive guitars behind it creates a huge chorus.

Great to see the band have went into some weird direction since signing for the stunning Wichita, and hopefully we can look forward to some big announcements from the band coming soon!

What do you make of it?

Words by Alex Wise

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