New Release | The Sunset Beach Hut – ‘Upside-Down’

The sunset beach hut

Shrewsbury Show Talent with The Sunset Beach Hut releasing ‘Upside Down’

Earlier this year The Sunset Beach Hut released their debut single ‘Comfort’, which got a lot of positive feedback, and I can confidently state that their new track will do the same. ‘Upside Down’ is a bright sun-kissed track to give you that last feel of Summer before Autumn hits.

This distinctive bassline jumps in front of you just before this euphoric indie dream pop riff bursts through in the background acting as a beacon of light, bringing the song to life. The high tone vocals are a joy to listen to and overall add to the bright sunburst style of the track. “We’re Upside Down” lead singer Aphra Smith sings as she gives the feeling of being lost in the world and not knowing what to do, and it’s so well delivered.

The Sunset Beach Hut are definitely a band to be keeping an eye, especially with how early you’ll be catching them in their musical career. 2018 has been a very successful year for the band, it’s clear that in 2019 should serve up more of the same as the indie pop band will continue to grow!

Words by Alex Wise

Watch the Video Below!

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