Italia 90 London Band

New Release | Italia 90 – ‘Tourist Estate’

Italia 90 London Band

London Band Italia 90 showcase new track ‘Tourist Estate’

A touch late getting to this track but it needed to be featured for it’s quality. Italia 90 have delivered a tune packed with dread and anger in their new track ‘Tourist Estate’. This comes after their EP back in 2017 which was a great outing, however this song seems to further define the band.

The song has this long guitar riff which is packed with a grey dull tone, and with the angry piss fuelled vocals over the top it’s hard not to feel the tension. Through the track the sound gets louder and more intense, bringing it to a fantastic close. The track has that same sort of attitude which Slaves, IDLES and Shame have, however their sound is completely different and 100% theirs.

I’m looking forward to see where Italia 90 take this new found momentum towards the end of this year, they’ve definitely become a band that I need to see live. And I can!

August 28th the band will be playing The Old Blue Last in London and you can get tickets here!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise




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