New Release | Peach Club ‘- ‘Boy In A Band’

Peach Club by Kelvin Johnston
Photo by Kelvin Johnston

Peach Club tell it How it is in New Song ‘Boy In A Band’

Since discovering Peach Club at the start of the year I’ve been fan ever since, and kept an eye on what they’ve been upto! Which means I got very excited when they announced their new track ‘Boy In The Band’ was set to be released soon, and it’s finally here!

Their EP Cherry Baby was a stunner, with the amazing vocal performances along with the raucous musicality, read the full review here. After listening to the EP it prompted me to see them live, where they completely brought the EP alive with a beautifully animated performance, full review here.


This track is even more proof that Peach Club are one of the best pieces of evidence that  the Rrriot Grrrl movement is still very much alive. The reality they lay out in this track is raw and honest, and should be taken very seriously as they’re speaking from past experiences. To have the ability to put that into a song, and still have it carry that weight of truth is impressive.

Along with that the musicality of the song is completely in your face and unignorable, which is what it needs to be as it supports Kats voice so well. One thing they did so well on the EP was the catchy licks, and they’ve done it here again, being a real feature on the song.

Hope you all enjoyed the track, I cannot wait to see what else they do before the end of the year!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


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