New Release | Hotel Mira – ‘Ginger Ale’

Hotel Mira - Giner Ale

Vancouver Three Piece Release Indie Banger ‘Ginger Ale

This is new, this is very new. With the weather still fresh as the sun continues to burn down on us there’s never a bad time for some new quintessential indie music.

Vancouver three piece Hotel Mira have released something that The Wombats and The Maccabees would both be proud of. They latest release ‘Ginger Ale’ has all the qualities of a summer indie hit.

The fast paced nature of the track is refreshing, and when combined with the insightful lyrics of a date which lead Lead Singer, Charlie Kerr, went on it makes it all the more interesting.

Kerr had this to say about the new track:

“‘Ginger Ale’ is about going on a date when I was on tour in London. And everything was going well but then I kept losing my train of thought by having these random, horrible flashbacks to fucked up things in my childhood. It got to the point where I could hardly hold a conversation. Becky, if you’re reading this, you are a wonderful, Scottish flower and I apologize for being so distracted and out of sorts that evening.”

You’re always told to write about what you know and it rings true here, nice save for apologizing at the end!

The bands debut EP will be released August 17th on all majour platforms, so be ready for some more indie hits on that!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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