Muncie Girls Release New Track ‘Falling Down’

Ahead of their Album Muncie Girls Release ‘Falling Down’

The Muncie Girls are quickly becoming the music worlds worst kept secret as they continue to release great songs which are gaining them a lot of recognition.

The latest track to be laid upon us is ‘Falling Down’ which has a dreamy centre and some angelic vocals – something we’ve come to admire about the band. The track has some nice lead guitar on it especially towards the end, and lead singer Lande Hekt sings it best when she says “Leaves You Wanting More”.

Fixed Ideals will be released on August 31st, which will be the follow up to their brilliant debut From Caplan to Belsize.

The band will be taking a tour around the UK, you can check out the dates below on this very cool Tour Poster designed by Tom Cross.

Muncie Girls UK Tour

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


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