Indoor Pets confirm their Debut Album!

Indoor Pets - Phoebe Fox
Photo by Phoebe Fox

Indoor Pets finally promise a Debut Album!

After a few years of teasing and joking about an album, Indoor Pets (Formerly Get Inuit) have finally promised a debut Album! After speaking to DORK frontman Jamie Glass admitted he can’t even be coy about it anymore, it’s happening.

This comes after the news of the band signing to Wichita Records, who signed The Cribs, Bloc Party and Fidlar. Of course this plays a huge part because as Jamie said in his interview, this is their job now and first on their to do list is an album.


The band released ‘So Soon’ earlier this year, but since then they’ve been busy playing shows all around the UK.  Hopefully they will go into the studio off the momentum of playing live and carry that into their release.

It’s crazy to think the band haven’t got an album because of their impressive song catalog, but with all of the experience it could shape up to be one of the best albums of the Year when released. It’s a relief it’s finally happening, as it should give Jamie something to do rather than sit on Twitter and post pictures of Sue Perkins.

Photographer Phoebe Fox –

Read the FULL Interview here

Words By Alex Wise @AJWise

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