The Blinders Announce Debut Album ‘Columbia’

The blinders

Doncaster Trio announce Debut Album to be released in September

Since the start of the Year The Blinders have been in fine form releasing two great tracks with ‘Gotta Get Though‘ & ”L’Etat C’est Moi‘ while tearing it up on every live show.

Yesterday the band announced their debut album Columbia will be released on September 21st, which has got a lot of people excited.

Their post to announce the album read:

We welcome you to an alternate world informed by reality, Indulge in the drudgery, under an absolute autocracy.

Echoes of Johnny’s Dreams run through the Codeine Scene streets, as The Man stalks his prey and hunts for his meat.

The party will serve to subdue and neglect. It’s a Brave New World. What did you expect?

Know your place and serve your time, Roll of Thunder, Hear Our Cries. Freedom is Slavery and Peace is a Lie, You’re Never Gonna Escape From That Watching Eye.

Welcome to Columbia. You are being observed. 

After their incredible releases so far I’m expecting a lot from this album, and I’m pretty confident that The Blinders will give everyone what they’re expecting.

If you pre-order the album then you will be able to get your hands on presale tickets of their UK tour in Autumn, which would be highly recommended.

Pre-Order the Album Here –

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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