March 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month


Gengahr, The Magic Gang and Camp Cope all make the Top 5 Albums of March!

5. Gengahr – ‘Where Wilderness Grows’

Gengahr Where Wilderness growsThis is Gengahr’s second Album after their debut release A Dream Outside, which was a promising debut. However this one trumps it. This album has lots of beautifully orchestrated tracks which blend perfectly well with the soft vocals of frontman Felix Bushe. There’s catchy hooks laid throughout the entire album, whether it’s the calming tones of ‘Before Sunrise’ or the blissful squeak of ‘Mallory’ , the album has subtle diversities. Can easily see this being an important step for the London band, will be interesting to see what they can cough up next.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Mallory’, ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ and ‘Before Sunrise’


4. Mount Eerie – ‘Now Only’

Mount Eerie Now OnlyAfter the emotional release of A Crow Looked At Me last year, Mount Eerie quickly became one of my favourite artists. Now Only is the companion album to his release last year which isn’t any easier to listen to. The open-heart stories Mount Eerie shares with us are heathrobbing due to how real they are, and also because he doesn’t hold back. His late Wife is at the centre of this entire album as he drifts and tells stories with her and how life is like without her, with such tracks like ‘Distortion’ and ‘Now Only’ offering two completely different feelings about the same subject. Another great release from a stunning artist.

Top 3 Tracks: ‘Now Only’, ‘Crow Pt.2’ and ‘Distortion’


3. The Magic Gang – ‘The Magic Gang’

The Magic Gang AlbumFans of The Magic Gang have been waiting for an album for such a long time. After several triumphant EP releases it was clear they had the talent to easily cover an album, and March 2018 it happened. The band put together all their greatest songs from their EP’s, (Along with a few new ones) making a great album. The whole tracklist is full of sing-along songs, with melodies and hooks that will whirl round your head for weeks. They made subtle tweaks to their old time favourites which gave them a fresher sound, and new track ‘Getting Along’ blended in well amongst the hits. Now this has been completed, it would be interesting to hear the lads create something completely fresh, but in the meantime enjoy their upcoming UK Tour! Read Full Review Here.

Top 3 Tracks: ‘Jasmine’, ‘All That I Want is You’ and ‘All This Way’


2. Camp Cope – ‘How to Socialise and Make Friends’

Camp Cope - How to Socialise and Make FriendsThis album really made me realise how great Camp Cope are. After their debut they featured a light of bright spots with some great songs, but this album they picked it up a level. Their gritty style combined with the very real voice of lead singer Georgie Maq creates complete magic over a song. The album still has that lo-fi feel which endearing and is pivotel to tracks like ‘The Face of God’ and ‘The Omen’. The final track ‘I’ve Got You’ is drowned in emotion as Georgie sings about her late Father, showing you glimpses of their wonderful bond. Full Review Here.

Top 3 Tracks: ‘The Omen’, ‘The Opener’ and ‘I’ve Got You’

1. Demob Happy – ‘Holy Doom’

Demob Happy Holy DoomAfter seeing Demob Happy support The Cribs last year, they have been a constant figure on my radar. I was aching to hear their new album as their explosive live  performance that night just fuelled me with energy, and I needed more. The album is blast from start to finish as it rich with heavy riffs and sumptuous vocals which reeks of just classic rock. The band have everything, if you want a catchy number you can sing along to you have ‘Be Your Man’. Or if you want to completely lose yourself you have ‘Maker of Mine’. The album also has tinges of Psychedelia to their songs, as their whirring riffs can have you dancing circles at times. Expecting a lot from Demob Happy these next couple of years, and after this album it’s clear they can produce.

Top 3 Tracks: ‘Be Your Man’, ‘Loosen It’ and ‘Spinning Out’


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