EP Review | Skirt – ‘Is It?’


Corby Band Skirt release debut EP ‘Is it?’

After featuring Skirt a few months ago when they released their track ‘Sarcasm’, a close eye has been kept on the band from Corby. Rightly so, as they released their debut EP last week when Is It? Grace all music platforms!

The EP is a compacted riot as each track is fast paced, loud and very aggressive. As soon as the EP opens up with ‘OGB’ it’s evident the band just want to create an immediate sense of urgency. The EP is very riff heavy as the band clearly understand that they’re capable of writing a mean hook.

The EP definitely leans to the more heavier side, however the melodies still maintain pop sensibilities in some respects. The next track ‘Dead Cool’ allows you no time to rest, as soon as it starts you ears are under attack from the music of Skirt. The song just clocks in over two minutes, giving it that punk edge and that short, sharp and catchy characteristic.

Easy Tiger’ and ‘Deep Down’ are possibly the two best on the EP, with the latter having the best riff on the album as there’s just no give. ‘You’ finishes up the EP, and is the tamest song to feature on the EP, yet the band still keep that sharp edge with a piercing riff. Also the starting drums are some of the most interesting I’ve ever heard. The songs is yet another catchy one, bringing the EP to a grand closing.

It’s great to hear Skirt have continued to progress in the songwriting, and hopefully this EP will further the momentum they got with ‘Sarcasm’. This Ep is just a short blast of energy, and is highly recommended who needs to get pumped up.


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise   

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