EP Review: Peach Club – ‘Cherry Baby’

Even though Peach Club have only been on my radar for a short amount of time, as soon as I heard them I couldn’t wait for the release of their debut EP. This is the effect that Peach Club can have on you, they’re a very different band with venom running through their veins which comes out in their music.

After hearing ‘Bad Bitch’ ‘Cherry Baby’, two tracks that preceded the album, you get an instant feeling of what Peach Club are all about, raw vocals and rough guitars that create this perfect instrumental to what anger sounds like in song form. It became appparant after listening to those two songs repeatedly, that if they could carry this energy over an EP they would have a very good piece of work. Which is what Cherry Baby is.

Cherry Baby embodies what Peach Club are, this raw emotion which is delivered in a very visceral yet melodic way.

As soon as the EP kicks off with ‘Venus’ the band refuse to let go as they never slow down for a second. This opening track very much sets the tone for the entire EP as the band masterfully mix this heavily distorted guitar with this highly pitched voiced with an attitude, and it works perfectly. The contrast between them is so different it covers a lot of ground, and when combined with in-your-face vocals it becomes any riot grrrls dream.

The self titled track ‘Cherry Baby‘ follows, and it really is a highlight of the EP. The band tell the story of a girl called Cherry Baby chasing the dream of becoming a star with the helping hand of a controlling manager. The chorus of the song really makes it stand out, purely because of how it’s delivered. You can really hear the desperation of Cherry Baby in the vocals, adding this emotion into the song.

The EP rolls on with ‘Oh My God’, however when the intro of ‘Bad Bitch’ comes on you’re instantly hooked. The unique opening of the clapping hands throw you a curve ball, as it’s the most explicit song on the EP. You could easily lose yourself to this song, as you confess how much of a Bad Bitch you are at the top of your lungs. Also the track as this cool little twinkle twinkle littler star moment, which also gets stuck in the mind.

It’s finished off with ‘Death Becomes Her’ which is a great closer, as it serves as a final reminder of who Peach Club are as the drums are crashing with the guitar once again delivering another heavy riff that cannot be stopped.

Overall the EP serves perfectly as an introduction to Peach Club, because if you didn’t know what they were about going in, you will have a clear idea after. Looking forward to see where the band take it from here, as I can see the Cherry Baby tour being a very memorable one, with EP hopefully taking them to the next level!


Make sure you go and see the band live if you can, it will be your loss if you don’t!


6th – Sunflower Lounge – Birmingham – Tickets

15th – The Lending Room – Leeds – Tickets


3rd – Birthdays – London – Tickets

Words By Alex Wise @AJWise

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