Kirin J Callinan

Live Review: Kirin J Callinan @ Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

Kirin J Callinan Live at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen
Photo Taken By Louise Tindall

Who eats salad on stage, swings from the lights and strips off mid set? Kirin J Callinan, that’s who.

It’s a Tuesday night in London so what else could I do with my evening than go and see what should have been one of the worst gigs I’ve been to. So here’s an article on how it surprisingly became one of the best.  

Arriving at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen the crowd gathering was, as expected, a bunch of outsiders who had most likely stumbled upon this gem by accident or had been brought along by a friend who had no one else to go with. Wandering around by the bar we saw the man himself walking around in a skirt and cowboy hat combo chatting with his fans.

As everyone started filing in and support act Bea left the stage, it was time to see exactly what this guy had, that made people willingly part with their cash to see something that prior to this I had thought wouldn’t even get aired on the x-factor audition stage as fun (yes it’s technically THAT bad).

Alas, it’s the fact he knows he’s bad and does it anyway that makes it good and he knows exactly how to work it into something worth seeing. I mean the guy spoke about what he had for breakfast on stage after commenting that one of his song transitions had been way too smooth and questioned “how boring can we make this?” before playing his next track. Crouching down he asked a fan to unzip his vest before later offering her the rest of that salad I mentioned at the start. All of this was received warmly by the crowd before ending with quite possibly THE friendliest mosh pit I have ever seen.

So about the music –it’s actually quite, dare I say it, good? It’s definitely a grower and after seeing him fall off the stage and strip off to it, who the hell am I to say anything else.  

Words by Louise Tindall @louisetindallx 

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