NEW MUSIC NOW! Fragile Creatures – ‘ The Meaning Of Life’

Featuring on New Music Now today is Fragile Creatures and their new track ‘The Meaning of Life’, which is quickly becoming a healthy underground indie track. The song is filled with loads of cool hooks, insightful lyrics and a catchy chorus, which you can never moan about! The guitars sound beautiful throughout the track, with this really rough sound taking the catchy licks and heightening the vocals, while a much cleaner sound creates a lot brightness and shine for the track, making a favorable contrast.

However the MVP of the track has to go to that infectious chorus that seems to get increasingly catchier every time it’s being played, which is a real testament to the band, as not anyone can put together a solid chorus. We’re still at the very beginning of Fragile Creatures musical career, and this song is another feather in their cap and proof they have the goods!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


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