EP Review: Chloe Foy – ‘Are We There Yet’


Chloe Foy has unleashed her new EP upon the world and it is a delightful example of her talent.  The singer-songwriter has already been compared to Laura Marling, which is a daunting prospect, but a damn fine compliment.

Flaws is the first single to be released and it acts as a standard-bearer for the rest of the EP. The unique quality of Foy’s vocal delivery is hypnotising, and the delicate musical arrangement is thoughtful and fresh.

The second single shares its name with the EP. It continues down the same path as its predecessor. Each piece of the arrangement is precise and effective. The vocal ranges and harmonies on display are impressive. It is the singer flexing her muscles and showing us the true extent of her talent.

The album is folk to the core, but neo-classical influences can clearly be heard. The two styles are sometimes layered on top of each other, sandwiched together, compressed like sediment. At other times they are intertwined, one flowing between the other. This is perhaps most obvious in the song Fire And Flood.

Henry is the most intimate song on the EP. The simplicity of Foy and her guitar are spellbinding. The striped back guitar chords follow the contours of her vocals. Both keeping a steady stride, parallel to one another, holding hands until the last note.

In Song For D the piano escorts the vocals through the obstacles within the lyrics, as Foy tries to put her thoughts in order. It starts off as a simple ballad, before skipping into life with a dainty piano melody, culminating in a thought-provoking ending.


Words by David Chrzanowski @D_Chrzanowski


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