NEW MUSIC NOW! Lore – ‘Never Got Over You’


Today on NEW MUSIC NOW we have the very talented five piece band Lore with their new single ‘Never Got Over You’, which is a step away from the usual guitar rock as they win us over with beautiful vocals and  subtle acoustic guitar work.

The vocal performance on the song is something to behold on it’s own, they’re so genuine and heartfelt it’s hard not to appreciate the performance over the whole track, as they supply a soft brush over the technical guitar and piano work.  The string work from the band is outstanding as they create a real atmosphere for the song to exist in, it has a real rustic tone to it, which is subtle and stripped back,creating al bed for the vocals to lie on and stand out. The melodic piano work also gives the song some dashes of colour, blending with the vocals so well refusing to overshadow them.

The song is a real piece of craft-work and has been so well thought-out from beginning to end, not one person is trying to out do the other as they know their part is huge to the bigger picture. Looking forward to hearing some more stuff from these as they can really put together music, and it will be interesting to see what they do next.




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