NEW MUSIC NOW! Tiny Eyes – ‘Falling’


Today on NEW MUSIC NOW we have the one man band Tiny Eyes and his new track ‘Falling’ ahead of his EP release on May 19th. ‘Falling‘ is a beautiful track which is laden with stunning piano work and memorable vocals. The song itself is very stripped back and bare, however the body of the piano creates this soft and mellow sound that fills in all the spaces,  giving you the sense that you’re slowly drifting away from reality. The vocals are the standout element here as they really bring the track together, of course the piano couldn’t stand alone on this track but with the contrast of the vocals, Tiny Eyes manages to compliment his voice perfectly.

Hopefully this is a common theme throughout the EP, which would mean that we’re in for something special with this release. If the lyrics and vocal performances stand up on each track, this could easily be one on the most important EP’s Tiny Eyes will ever have to make.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


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