EP Review: Chasing Deer – ‘Moving On’

Self-described pop-rock band Chasing Deer have been working hard on their follow up EP Moving On after the success of their debut, Rewriting History. The three-piece are always gigging in and around the London area developing their own unique sound which is somewhere between pop band Lawson and acoustic wonders Boyce Avenue. The new record holds four tracks and we have been lucky enough to receive a copy early, so here are our thoughts.  

The EP is pakced with your fill of catchy, sing-a-along songs, capturing their main audience perfectly. As regular buskers and wedding performers they have developed a sound so distinctive that you feel as though they are singing in the room with you, directly to you.

The first song holds the same name as the title and carries an air of hope and fulfilment. It’s bouncy, it’s catchy and it’s one of those songs that just makes you smile. The high notes are hit perfectly and it’s the kind of track that will be playing in your head for hours, but we promise – you won’t tire of hearing it.  

After a strong start we are introduced to a song so different to the first it’s almost a risk. Second track The Simple Life is a keyboard led, mellow song where the lyrics bring a chilling sense of home to the listener as it demands our full attention. Risk or not, I’m fond of this song as it really shows off the strength of lead singer, Rob’s vocals and they haven’t lost their core importance of making it catchy. There’s an underlying 80s vibe to this one which is something that continues into the next song, Cover of the Shade. These two songs follow on from each other seamlessly and this shady title mirrors the theme of the track, making it a firm favourite. It’s one that wouldn’t be out of place in the background of a movie. The chilling vocals repeat the words “he’s going to track you down” the whole way through which gives the song the power it needs to be a stand out song.

So soon, we find ourselves at the finale which opens with a wonderful glissando on the keys before introducing this incredible old-school dance song. It’s the perfect family song, right from the very first listen you can picture people getting up and dancing at a wedding reception or a birthday party. It’s a wonderful end to the EP and will leave you wanting to listen to it again and again.

It’s a massive contrast to their first EP and is definitely a lot lighter, focusing more on the pop aspects than the rock –  but don’t confuse that with your average chart music because there’s nothing like it out there. The definite finish of the last key played in the final song symbolises a job well done. It’s available for pre-order now and is officially out on the 19th May so do yourself a favour and grab a copy.


Words by Louise Tindall @louisetindallx

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