New Music Now! Teenage Wedding – ‘Sun Rising’


‘Sun Rising’ is a new release from one of the weirdest bands that are coming out today, Teenage Wedding. The use of the word weird here is in good taste, as this is what makes the band so unique and different to most of their contemporaries and makes them stand out without them even trying.

The song is full of weird guitar arrangements, strange production and vocals that only some people could become accustomed to, and if you don’t like this song, odds are you may not like the rest of their material. This song is a slow and methodical piece which creates a huge sense of dread throughout, the thoughtful keys in the back ground contrasting with these doom infused guitar progression. The band really are a different kettle of fish, and if you have enjoyed this then there’s no doubt you will enjoy their EP!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


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