Loved Ones are due to release their second album ‘Harness’ on 5 May. The first single ‘End Of An Error’ showcases how the band’s sound has developed since their debut album. The song sees the band move away from a lo-fi ambient rock sound. And it is safe to say that the album will continue that trait. The Liverpool quartet have spent most of their time recently recording soundtracks. An element of that work is present in the new single, but it’s the Hot Chip style vocals that really hit you first.

The drum beat keeps a fast pace throughout the track, while the piano melody works itself quickly into the brain and sets up home. The beat and melody combine well to create a sound perfect for any summer festival, even if the lyrics contradict the sunny vibes of the music.

Lead singer Nik Glover said: “We tried to turn our traditional song structure on its head in End of an Error, piling all the melodies into the verse and letting the chorus speed past with hardly any vocals.”

Adding: “It’s a song about naive teenage love and regret, and why sometimes ripping up all your memories of a relationship is better than trying to hold on to it.”

The song gets better with every play.

Words by David Chrzanowski @D_Chrzanowski

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