New Music Now! DIDI – ‘Akward’

Today featuring on New Music Now we have the talented solo artist DIDI, who made her debut last month with her first single. However with that out there and making the rounds DIDI has wasted no time and released another track for us to feast on. Her music has been dubbed fiercely provocative art-pop and it’s hard to argue with that statement as this track strengthens that argument.

With her erratic singing and jumpy guitar hooks the track is very endearing and unique from the start, really love the production on the song as it has these weird build ups and heavily delayed guitars which you don’t hear often. Also DIDI clearly has a statement embedded within this song and it’s extremely easy to relate, as we’ve all been in a situation when you want to lash out when someone’s perhaps talking down to you or simply making you feel awkward.

DIDI used some different recording techniques for this song and it’s very easy to spot as the track is unique with a lot of her own ideas including scraping a piece of metal against the guitar neck and tapped two pens on a tambourine to complete the high-hat parts. These different style of recording will always give you something new and inventive to listen to, which can be appreciated by anyone. But when the product is good, it becomes very hard to argue with. Hopefully this is something DIDI continues to do and create new and different ways to make music.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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A music lover of most (not all) genres, constantly trying to find new and inventive music.

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