NEW MUSIC NOW! Polkadoge – ‘All in my Head’

Photo by Scott Hukins
Photo by Scott Hukins


After hearing this track over two weeks ago I could barely wait to throw the track up on the Website because of how it good it is. Finally the track has been released and the song is out, enjoy.

Polkadodge are an indie pop act from the ever cultural Sheffield, home to some of the most successful acts of music (Arctic Monkeys, Pulp etc.) and their new track ‘All in my Head‘ looks to put them on that list.

The track is fast paced and unforgiving throughout allowing you no time to grab on to the rails, as it throws you around the room with the frantic energy provided by every aspect of the band. The vocals are such an instrumental part of the track as it bottles this energy and throws it at you through singing. The guitar sets such an anthemic base for the track with the heavy reverb and drums just accentuate this by creating this bedlam behind it to back it up

You can watch the video for the new song over at their Facebook just follow this link >

Words By Alex Wise

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A music lover of most (not all) genres, constantly trying to find new and inventive music.

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