New Release: Delamere – ‘Headstrong’


After a long wait Delamere have finally given us something else to chew on with their new track ‘Headstrong’ which could potentially be there best song yet.

The Stoke band has had a rather quiet period regarding new material due to their touring and obsession for everything to be absolutely perfect on the recording. However it’s the small attention to detail that makes the song so attractive and desirable because nothing is out of place.

The song draws your attention from the first second as it just blares into your ears, and combined with the drops and rolls from the drums the song becomes increasingly enticing.  Along with the equally strong chorus, the song is an instant hit as there are no weak spots to be found throughout the track.

The lyrics are tightly knitted and thought through which gives the song that rich feel because it hasn’t just been thrown together, and to top it off they just seem to roll off the tongue, making it feel effortless at times.

Delamere have developed their own indie-atmospheric sound and this is it coming to fruition, which we can hopefully expect more of as they continue to impress because this is the sort of material that will get people excited.


Words By Alex Wise @al4563



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