Lovats release new song ‘Fiction’



Lovats’ much anticipated new single ‘Fiction’ is finally here and it’s as big as we knew it was going to be. The Birmingham five-piece had success with their previous single ‘White Fair’, and this will do exactly the same, if not better.

‘Fiction’ is a loud and hazy ride that goes on for over three minutes, but due to how good it is, the song ends too soon. Lovats seem to be stepping away from what a number of Birmingham bands are doing, which will only help them as they will stick out from large bunch of bands. Their songs have this catchy quality that is vital for most successful songs, the “la la la’s” could easily get a whole crowd singing along and spilling their pints over each other.

It’s another big step for Lovats, and it’s a very important one as they continue to pull in a bigger fan base and get everyone excited. Now all we need is a full  EP from the band which will push them even further!

Words By Alex Wise @al456

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