Poeticat – Smash the Floor EP Review



Poeticat are a band that WFM are quite fond of, mainly because of their unconventional style of music and how strange they are. After a streak of singles, Poeticat have finally released their debut EP entitled Smash the Floor, which seems to have been designed to complete exactly that.

Their interesting style of music is it at the heart of the EP, as it features in everything that the band completes. The contrast of the spoken words over heavy guitars and beats work increasingly well, as it is all pieced together nicely and not just thrown together.  This is evident in the opening song ‘Jetty’, as the vocals caress the heavy beat, and tame it, which is brilliant way of mellowing a strong guitar.

This is also happens in the following song ‘Centre of a Concrete Square’, as the words seems to dress up the heavier side of the music, without this it easily could be mistaken for just another rock –pop song, than an experimental one.

‘Rest Reprise’ steps away from this, as it slows everything down and the vocals lose their aggressive edge. This is where Poeticat are at their finest, as a giant microscope go over the vocals and they’re able to deliver, due to them being their best feature. ‘Kind Words Soft Kill’ and ‘3rd Arm’ complete the album, and their style lives on through the songs. ‘3rd Arm’ is a massive stomp on the ear, as it trudges on and the vocals clean it all up.

Smash the Floor is proof that Poeticat are not a one trick pony, and that they are capable of create a stable EP that can take hits, because it will receive them. Of course this will not be for everyone, as they’re use to their good old pop songs, but for the people who can muscle this, they will be able to appreciate this EP for what is, a good piece of work.

Words By Alex Wise @al4563



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