Reverend and the Makers – Thirty Two



In June 2012 Reverend and The Makers found a new sound a style for the music which was demonstrated well in their third album, @Reverend Makers, which reached No.16 in the album charts. To solidify this new sound and see what else they can do with it they have decided make it the centre point in their new album Thirty Two, and try to attract some new fans.

@Reverend Makers was full of tunes that could make a crowd shake and bounce until their legs fell off, which I believe is this primary target for this album.  ‘Detonator’, kicks the album off which is equivalent to a big bang in a silent room, and this is a prevalent feature throughout most of the album.  The high energy continues through the ‘I Spy’, ‘The Devils Radio’ and ‘Nostalgia’ as the tempo is remained and McClure’s vocals presence are at the blunt of the song, egging any crowd to jump along with him.

‘Happy Song’ finally slows it all down, and allows you to have a rest. Unfortunately the song is full of cliché lyrics like “Sun might Shine, Sky Might be Blue”, which shows lack of expression and lazy lyrics, also McClure’s vocals walks a very thin line as they begin to pull at the nerves with his high tones.

They couldn’t keep it slow for more than one song as ‘Different Trains’ picks up for where they left off with a bouncy beat along with a haunting riff and melody. As they continue to play with the soundboard through ‘Time’ and ‘Old Enough (To Know Better), your head can’t help but spin, as you feel like you should be at a rave to continue to listen to the music.

‘Play Me’ is possibly one of the highlights of the album for me as it doesn’t demand your attention, and because of that you listen with more intent than you did the previous. It’s possibly McClure’s best vocal performance as this is where it’s probably stripped down to the minimum, however still holding on to some of those effects.

‘The Only One’ and ‘Your Girl’ see us out with a kick up the arse as the loud electronic sounds are re-installed along with the get up and live your life beat. The album seems to be further addition to their previous album and works rather well, as it will smash its goal of getting a crowd hurdling over one another. However the album only seems to serve that purpose, as it wouldn’t be something you could have on in the background as the key elements of the song (bass and beat) would be lost. This will not be ground breaking or a demanding much from you, but it will keep the REV army buying tickets and intact, while possibly recruiting even more rave heads.

Words By Alex Wise @al4563




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