False Heads – Tunnel Vision


Tunnel Vision has some interesting songs featuring on it including ‘Fall around’ and ‘Remedy’, however I don’t believe that this is enough to save the EP.

‘Fall Around’ starts the album well with space like sounds, a shredding guitar, and a rather heavy drum beat, which unfortunately can’t be heard to well because of the recording. However the problems occur when the next song hits. As much as I admire the angst and heaviness in ‘Without a doubt’, the timing of some of the notes take a bit away from the song as it all sounds a bit mismatch at times.

Their lo-fi sound is pretty impressive but by the sound of their guitars, I don’t believe that’s what the band was trying to achieve, as it feels like the music should be a lot louder and screaming out the speakers.

‘Remedy’ is possibly the best song on the album mainly for the lyrics and guitar work, as It seems to sit well together. Also as the band sing “Like an old remedy” you feel as though it could be an underground anthem in its own right. ‘Comfort Consumption’ tops the album, and with its slow and gentle sound, it’s much mellower than the previous songs. However the big ending rounds it up quite well, but you’re just aching for it to be louder.

It’s an honest attempt from False Heads, as they’ve managed to find their own sound, regardless of the fact that it may need tweaking just that bit more to get it right. The EP showed glimpses of brightness, and now is just a case of spreading that out through the entire album.


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