Josh Taerk – Grace REVIEW



Acoustic love songs can go two ways, than can be really credible, relatable and generally a joy to sit back on your chair and listen to. However it could go the other way where it sounds like a man made out of cheese playing a guitar made out of cheese, with a cheesy plectrum, making the whole song sound a bit cheesy. ‘

Grace’ went right between the middle of these spectrums as the song held joyous melody and rhythm, but at the same time delving into some of the cheesier side of song writing, but not completely. As your bobbing your head to the soft strum of the acoustic guitar, you get hints of what Michael Buble would sound like if he picked up the guitar once in a while, as you get the lyric “ It’s hard to love somebody baby/ When you give love to everyone”. The chorus is something that you might find yourself singing after the DJ’s played it and you’ve had a few drinks. Unfortunately it’s not Taerk’s best piece of work, who has got some strong songs with ‘Smell the roses’ and ‘People in the room’, although the song won’t be to everyone’s favourite, but you’ll find hard not to sway your head.






Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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A music lover of most (not all) genres, constantly trying to find new and inventive music.

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