Burning Condors – Love on The Rocks

burning condors

Band: Burning Condors

Hometown: London

Influences/Sounds like: Joy Division, Bowie,

Burning Condors has that sound to them which could be easily mistaken by a passer-by as just plain noise, nothing more, but for someone who actually likes these trashy sounds and screeching vocals, it’s actually quite good. ‘Love on The Rocks’ melody is nothing short of perfect, in fact it could be a pop song if they toned down those guitars (which we don’t want to happen), the bands has been described as what Blur would have been like if they grew up listening to Carl Perkins, which is the best way it could be put.

The fast paced riff, vocals and drums all come together to provide 3 minutes of pure energy, making the song perfect for a scene in a film where the main character has go wild on drugs and women, like Henry Hill in Goodfella’s. This is not a one off for the Burning Condors as all of their songs have this raw edge that deserves a strong crowd on the end of it. Having already got a fair a number of listeners attached to their songs, there’s no doubt that they’re heading in the right direction, hopefully Birmingham will be next on the agenda for the London four-piece.





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