Hometown: Wrexham

‘Waltz’ a self-titled EP from Wrexham based band Waltz gives us three tracks showcasing what they are made of and ultimately what they have to offer.

From the onset the band display their ability in creating hard driving riffs complemented by a solid rhythm section, showing a good sense of style and composition.

First track ‘Garden’ gives the listener an EP opening two-minute thrash with some catchy hooks, particularly the addictive vocal melody from pre-chorus to chorus. The lead singer demonstrates what the band are about, with what sounds like an ode to the Arctic monkeys recitative style during the intro, but instead with a questionable pseudo-Mancunion accent to flavour what on the onset is a solid start from the band.

Second track ‘Waiting for the Call’ arguably the best track on the EP, again begins with an excellent display of riffing, this time delving into murky metal waters. What is most apparent here is the togetherness of the band, with each member complimenting each other, providing both drive and tempo. Lead vocals take much more of a shine here, showing he is on the same page as the rest of the band. His technique of meandering from mimicking the rhythm of the riff and picking his own melody, works really well here. Cementing much more of a presence we have come to expect of a rock lead singer.

Final track ‘Speak your mind’ for me lets the EP down. Whereas the first two tracks display two different approaches, giving the listener a sense of what the band are about (which EP’s generally do) this track tends to slip into the realms of too much influence and not enough creativity.

Overall not a bad listen. Good composition and a great feeling of union from the band, who sound competent on their instruments. My one criticism (and excuse me if this is harsh, as I do realize its only an EP) is the lack of identity, especially from lead vocals. I ask: if they were to stand in an identity parade, would they stand out? And ultimately, would they be able to distinguish themselves from the others?

Words by Simon Piaia 






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