Friday Club – Tropical (single)

tropical 2

No need for a introduction for these lads as I’ve already previously reviewed them, haven’t read it? Check it Here.


There was a uncontrollable buzz when I head this live , and now its recorded and you can hear it in full throttle and it sounds even bigger. The heavy opening gives you a taste of what your in for, but when the high, dark and haunting notes kick  in, the song is in full bloom and firing at all cylinders. Josh’s obvious swagger is all over the vocals as he sings ‘It don’t work’ along with ‘It Won’t Work’. The vibrant and catchy chorus brings a slightly more lighter side to the song, but that’s short lived as that beautiful haunting riff comes back in to play and refuses to leave the hairs on your back alone. The conclusion of the song is refreshing as it burst into life with the thrashing of the guitars and Josh continuously singing ‘You’re not tropical’, you find it hard not to sing along and not to press play one more time. It’s an excellent addition to what looks so far an exciting EP, with ‘All I wanna do is Fuck’ and ‘Fall Down Kids’ showcasing what Friday Club are all about, this song show’s a slightly different side to them, a much more daunting one.






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