Whitemoor ft. Motormouf – All I’ve ever Known (single)

All I've ever know


Starting out in 2010 in a little place in the Midlands called Derby were an indie outfit called Whitemoor. Making this band up we have Barrington Mole (Guitars, Backing Vocals), who enlisted the services of Benny Ryan (Lead Vocals). Luke Inglis (Bass), Tom Scribbins (Drums) and Louise Tomlinson (Keys, Backing Vocals) completed the line up in 2012. Taking influences from the Killers, the band has developed this larger than life sound to perfection, and now the band is complete their second album ‘Horizons’ shows promising signs.

‘All I’ve ever known’

The point being made in the intro about their larger than life sound is backed up with this songs, as from the first second it picks you up and refuses to drop you. The synth sound is used here at it’s best, to back up the whole band and to bring a new fresh sound to it, as well as this it creates tension which is let go as it swiftly moves into a catchy solo with Mole singing ‘All I’ve Ever Know’. Mole’s performance in this song is strong and rough, showing no mercy with every line delivered with enthusiasm with a hint of attitude behind it. Something that is always risky and quite touch and go in a rock/alternative tune is to introduce a rap part into it, fortunately for Whitemoor they pulled it off with their image and song remaining untarnished, this is because the rap is very subtle and not aggressive in the slightest. Overall the song is incredibly well produced song and video for that matter, as it’s spotless, even in those tough corners which are difficult to get to.





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