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RoKoKo are a rock/indie three piece hailing from Medway, they started their voyage in May 2012 where they released a debut three track EP. Since then they have played a handful of gigs around their hometown gaining confidence by receiving well deserved feedback which saw people explain  their music as, catchy sing along songs accompanied with an energetic performance.  The band is made up by Kirk Taylor – Vocals/Guitar, Jason Cornish – Bass/Vocals and Karl Wilde – drums, having a wide variety of musical influences ranging from The Beatles up to the more up to date music such as the Arctic Monkeys.

The EP

The bass riff as the start of the first song sets up an incredible EP that will have you tapping your toe and thinking of the good old days of  The Libertines and The Dirty Pretty Things. The first songs riff smells of Carl Barat a mile away, with guitar sounding as crunchy and distorted as it could and the riff being as catchy as a common cold. However the vocals are particularly very unique because although he’s taking influences from Pete Doherty and his careless attitude while singing, his voice has a different sound to it which makes fellow Libertines fans listen more intently.

The second song on the EP ‘My Fellow Swordsman’ doesn’t drop any of the pace or energy which was built up after the first song. Again it’s the same beautiful crunchy sounding guitar which keeps your toe tapping while Kirk keeps you listening with his vocals and possibly one of the most catchiest choruses this year with Kirk singing ‘My Fellow Swordsman had won’, you can’t really help singing it. Although it sounds like one of the most simplest of songs, if there was an award catchiest song of the year, this would be up there.

‘She’s Really Fine’ steps away from the sound they had in the first two songs, sounding a lot more mellow and smooth, this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad song because it’s just as catchy as ‘My Fellow Swordsman’. Kirk shows his versatility with his vocals hitting notes that I could only dream of hitting. This is where The Beatles influence shines through and not just because of the word ‘Fine’, when you close your eyes you could picture this playing in the 1960’s, and it wouldn’t seem out of place.  A perfect way to round of an EP, a nice little sing along. The only critacism of this EP is that it wasn’t long enough, which is definitely a good point because it leaves you wanting that bit more.

A band that I will be keeping tabs on after that EP, the lads said 2013 will be a much bigger, with them aiming to get on to the London circuit and bring out more songs, which is something to look forward to.





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