The Ninth Watch – Forever’s a long time – Dave Beech

Hailing from Manchester, UK The Ninth Watch already have their work cut out for them if they want to stand in the hallowed halls of Manchester greats such as The Smiths, The Buzzcocks and Oasis. Thankfully they look like they’re on the right track with their single ‘Forever’s A Long Time’. Sounding  something like a melodic cross between The Stone Roses and The Courteeners can’t be bad for a band that come from a city steeped in as much musical history as Manchester is.

Clocking in at just under four minutes long the single is perfect radio material. Vocalist Ste Ahern is obviously influenced by one Ian Brown and given his bands location that’s hardly surprising. Fortunately this works in favour of the band, and instead of sounding like carbon-copies of many Manchester legends, they’re an amalgam of musical sounds such as the string section found in the latter half of the track that The Verve would be proud of, while Matt Ryan’s drumming isn’t dissimilar to that found on a Kasabian track. The synth pattern that runs throughout gives the song enough energy to keep dance fans happy, while giving the verse an ambient air.

Bands in Manchester are ten a penny, but rarely do you find bands from the city that manage to pay homage rather than rip-off. The Ninth Watch fortunately manage to let us know who they’re influenced by without ripping them off. They’re a band that are capable of breaking through providing the rest of their recordings are as tightly produced and as danceable as ‘Forever’s a Long Time’. Expect big things in the future!

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