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My Velocets EP came through the post a couple of days ago (cheers lads), and if you haven’t ordered yours yet I would strongly advise you to get a copy because it’s that good, if you want one, contact them on twitter and I’m sure they’d be happy to send you one @Velocets_UK.  I reviewed one of their songs last year, the single ‘Sophie’ which features on the EP, I expressed how good it was and that I was looking forward to seeing what else they will bring out, and I think I was right in saying that

The EP

‘Tell it to your kids’

The first song on the EP is  ‘Tell it to your kids’, which I heard before it came out on EP but the riff still got me excited when I was listened to it. I expected nothing less really with the riff after hearing the riff on ‘Sophie’, however that had a slightly darker tone to it with this riff being quite bouncy and jumpy. The riff sets you up for the whole song, with It being loud and in your face. The drums are mainly to thank for that because they’re ever present in the song, and so prominent all the way through. I wouldn’t say that these are the strongest set of lyrics they have but they are still very good, especially the chorus I could hear it being shouted throughout many venues around the country. The sound of the guitar is different to anything of ever heard before, maybe it’s because I haven’t heard every piece of music but it’s really electric and fuzzy and I like that.


‘Naked’ is probably my favorite one on the EP mainly because of the lyrics, they’re literally engraved in my head, and I don’t think they’ll ever leave. I’m not one really for long intro’s but it works well with this song, it just slowly leads you into the song and those lyrics. After all that building up and those little catchy guitar pieces you just get this massive outburst, and it just explodes and sounds really big. I would love to hear this one live, because that part at the end I imagine it would probably make my head explode. Also it’s sung perfectly, you just get the sense that his quite vulnerable and I think that’s what I like most about Adam Walsh’s voice.


As I said, I reviewed this song last year, so if you’re interested in what I thought of that song, please have a look

A great bad which I hope I get to see this year and hopefully make their way down my way because I’d love to see them, heard a lot of good things about this band, how genuine they are and when they’re heading. So give them all the support they need to achieve it.

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