Johnny Marr – Upstarts

So Johnny released a new tune yesterday on NME, I don’t know how long it’s been floating around for but I imagine it has been floating around for a bit. Since Johnny left The Cribs he’s begun his solo career by already giving us a taster of his album ‘The Messenger’ by releasing ‘The Messenger’ (Single obviously). I’m a big fan of Johnny Marr, obviously with what he done with The Smiths and Th Cribs, not so much Modest Mouse,  sorry if that’s got to anyone, the band just never clicked with me.

I’m really excited for Marr’s new solo stuff, think it will be good and It will be interesting to see what he’ll do being such a versatile guitar player and what he can conjure up lyrics-wise. After hearing ‘The Messenger’, it got me more intrigued because  of the vocals really didn’t know he had a decent voice on him, then he graced us with ‘The right Thing right’, which I really liked because it was loud and it had a slick little solo in. So I’m going to put my neck out here for this song and say I’m not really that keen on it. I think musically it’s rally good because obviously it’s Johnny Marr the riff and the solo are going to stand out but I don’t think lyrics are too strong, and I don’t think the vocals are too good either. I reckon it will grow on me though, perhaps it might take a while but if i listen to it enough, it will grow on me. I think this song will probably be so much better when it’s live because, everything is really isn’t it? Nearly everything’s better live. Get your tickets to see Johnny If you haven’t because it’ll definitely will be a good night, especially because it’s his FIRST solo tour, something to put on the gig CV.

Oxford, O2 Academy (March 10)
Norwich, Waterfront (11)
Cambridge, Junction (12)
Brighton, Concorde (14)
London, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire (15)
Birmingham, HMV Institute (16)
Sheffield, Leadmill (18)
Glasgow, ABC (19)
Liverpool, O2 Academy (20)
Manchester, HMV Ritz (22)
Manchester, HMV Ritz (23)

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