Top ten Albums/EP (just so Peace can be in) of 2012…

new year 2012

2012, not a bad year for music really The Cribs bringing out a new album, a slick debut from Jake Bugg and seriously good music from Peace. This is my list of Top 10 albums/ep’s(just so Peace can get in)of 2012, you must remember that it’s my list, it’s not the be all and end all, if an album isn’t in there it’s probably because I’m too ignorant to listen to it or I’ve just been too lazy. Oh yeah, and if there is an album missing out and you feel that I NEED to listen to it, can you please tell me and I will do so, okay…

1. The Cribs – In the Belly of the Brazen Bull


The fifth installment to The Cribs albums in their body of work, and I think it’s definitely one of their best ones, not that the others were bad but this one was just that good. With a slight grungy tone to it, it got me hooked by the first note of the first song.

Top 3: Back to the bolthole, Uptight and Anna.

2. Peace – Delicious

deliciousEasily my favorite EP this year, purely because every song is just catchy, different and each of the songs hit a place inside me, bloodshake, I have to dance, Calafornia Daze, just makes me happy (great vocals on that song), Oceans Eye, makes me want to go mental and 1998(Delicious), it’s just a crazed dance fest for me. Definitely one to keep you eyes out for in 2013 with their album nearly ready to come out, and hopefully will get to see them live.


3. Jake Bugg – Jake Bugg

Jake BuggThis is here because I remember when I first listened to it and I was hooked on it, the vocals, the riffs and the lyrics. Also I liked how it had a good balance to the album with songs like ‘Lightning bolt’ and ‘Slide’, which is a beautiful song. Hopefully he will bring out something else this year to keep me hooked.

Top 3: Two Fingers, I’ve seen it all, Someone told me

4. Alt-J – An Awesome Wave

alt jA great album with some really interesting pieces of music in there. I got into these quite late, I was being a bit ignorant when it came to listening to these because every sort of jumped of them which made me a bit reluctant. Finally I listened to it, and there was something there that had me keep coming back for more, I just felt like every song still had that bit more to give to me.

Top 3: Matilda, Tessellate, Breezeblocks

5. Tribes – Baby

TribesGreat first album for a really good band, I think when It first came out I listened to it far too much and suit of ruined it for me a bit. But, after leaving it for a couple of months and putting it back on I think I finally really appreciated it for really good guitar music. Seeing them live just made me fall in love with them because of how grounded they seemed when they played.

Top 3: We were children, Sappho, Himalaya

6. The Maccabees – Given to the Wild

given to thewildThe Maccabees, a band I’ve never really gained a connection with until this year, until they brought out this album, which forced me to listen to their whole back catalog and realise what a good band they are. A band I really need to see live because of everything I’ve heard.

Top 3: Forever I’ve known, Pelican, Went away

7.The View – Cheeky for a Reason

cheekyI had to listen to this because of some certain friends of mine, they wouldn’t let me get away with not listening to it so I did, and I liked it and that’s as exciting as that story gets. Never been a very big View fan, but this album has got some really catchy numbers on it, and I don’t think it’s got the attention it deserves.

Top 3: The Clock, How long, AB (we need treatment)

8. Mystery Jets – Radlands

radlandsI got this album free from Kerrang! when I was working there, and I didn’t really listen to it until a couple of months later where it was cemented in my cars, and it didn’t leave. The lyrics to every song are really well thought out and the songs are well pieced together. Also you’ve got a couple of catchy numbers in there which you can’t help but sing to.

Top 3: Radlands, Someone purer, Greatest Hits

9. Paul Weller –  Sonik Kicks

The Modfather.
The Modfather.

I’m a bit biased towards Weller because I’m a massive Jam fan, when this came out it was quite sunny and it supplied a good soundtrack for the weather especially ‘By the Waters’. Paul takes a slightly different turn every album and I love when musicians do that and they pull it off, and Paul always manages to pull it off.

Top 3: That Dangerous Age, Green, When your gardens overgrown

10. DIIV – Oshin

DIIV-OshinThis is the wildcard, the one that’s a bit left field and not expected. I saw these support The Vaccines, and they were better than The Vaccines. After I saw them I went home and the next day I listened to there entire album and it really is a treat. The sound they have is different to anything I’ve ever heard before, which probably makes them so exciting.


Thankyou for reading it’s a pleasure, please email if you feel like there’s an album I should listen to or just tweet me @wordsformusic1

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