The Vaccines – 29th November 2012 – 02 Academy



Went to see The Vaccines the other night, should of posted it earlier but just didn’t happen, apologies. I haven’t got any pictures of the gig, not a single one, so to prove I was there I’ve taken a picture of the ticket in my hand, don’t worry that IS my hand, I’m not lying, why would I do such a thing!


Before I talk about the gig, I just wanna point out one of the supporting artists who thrilled me. The band was called DIIV from New York, it took me ages to actually find what they were called because I couldn’t hear the guy properly at the gig, so I had to go on a mini band hunt. They were really good, and since seeing them I’ve listened to their whole album, plan on buying it after Christmas and I wanna go see em’ live again. If anyone knows where I can, tell me. I actually think their performance was on par with The Vaccines, if you don’t agree please comment.

The Vaccines

They were actually very good, I saw them support the Arctic Monkeys last year and the vocals were terrible, I couldn’t hear what he was saying but really think they’ve found their sound now. After their second album they’ve got a couple of songs in their arsenal that could really get the crowd going, and they took advantage of that, by delivering them so well. I was a bit upset because they didn’t play weirdo, because I thought that was one of the best ones on the album. They played ‘Bad mood’, which I didn’t really like on the album for some strange reason but that;s changed after seeing it live because it’s actually a song with a good guitar parts all the way through. They played ‘Change of heart pt.2’, which I didn’t like on the album and I still don’t like now, I don’t know why but it just doesn’t sit well with me. Overall it was really good gig, when they finally got on stage it took them ages to actually come on. I enjoyed watching them, they didn’t really lose it at any point it was quite a straight performance, no banter with the audience or anything, but the drummer did jump off the drums at one point which was exciting. will I see them again? lets wait for the ticket prices.

The Crowd

I knew there were going to be loads of young people there, and there was the majority of them did look 14-15 which didn’t bother me, but did bother me when two 25 year olds were trying to chat them all up, that weren’t cool, just dodgy.

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