Pulp – Different Class – 12/04/2012 – AW

When I went on holiday, I grabbed some CD’s (horrible, but it’s the only thing I can play in my car, if I could play vinyl’s in my car, I’d play em’. No actually I wouldn’t too risky, don’t wanna scratch em’ better off in there separate bags all clean and in good condition). Iv’e never really given Pulp a chance, obviously I’ve heard the obvious ones like Common people, Disco 2000 and that but I’ve never listened to one of their albums. I should of listened to one by now I know, but I didn’t grow up listening to this music I only got into this sort of music in 2008-2009 time so I was miles behind so I’ve had to catch up.  Anyway, the album was in the 3 for £10 section so I thought ‘fuck it, put it in the car listen to it, if it’s good keep it, if it’s shit throw it away”. I knew it was going to be quite good because I’ve read reviews on it, so I already knew the songs I should listen to and the songs that weren’t so strong.


Got in the car, My girlfriend wanted to listen to something else, so I waited like a gentle man for my turn, however if I wasn’t driving I would of put on immediately regardless of what she wanted on. The album got put on at the tail end of the journey, the last hour, I was falling asleep at the wheel, bored out my head and then Pulp got put on, and It was like a laughing drug got injected into me.  I wasn’t laughing because it was so shit it was laughable, but the lyrics were hilarious. My girlfriend was reading her book, taking no notice of the music really and she just kept looking at me pissing myself at the lyrics. Here are some of the funniest lyrics on there:-

“i can’t help it, i was dragged up
my favourite parks are car parks
grass is something you smoke
birds are something you shag
take your year in provence 
and stick it up your ass.”

“I’d Give My Whole Life To See It, Just You, Stood There, Only In Your Underwear”

And you want to phone your mother and say “Mother, I can never come home again 
‘Cause I seem to have left an important part of my brain somewhere 
Somewhere in a field in Hampshire”.

“Rent a flat above a shop Cut your hair and get a job Smoke some fags and play some pool Pretend you never went to school”

There’s loads more, just listen to the album and you’ll find yourself laughing on your own thinking to yourself “yeah that’s funny that”.  I think it’s on of those albums that still has a lot to offer even though I’ve listened to it about 10 times, I’m still left thinking “I haven’t drained this for everything that its’ got, one more listen”, and not a lot of albums really do that. It’s different to a lot of the stuff I listen to because it’s not really heavy on guitars, and drums it’s more focused on the lyrics and being very catchy, which I really liked.

The future for me and Pulp

This is definitely going to spur on a big Pulp phase, basically me listening to the whole of Pulps back catalogue, if you have any songs you suggest I should listen to, please tell me.


Overall: 8.5

Songs to listen too

“common people”, “Disco 2000”, “sorted for E’s and Wizz”, “something changed” and “Underwear”



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6 thoughts on “Pulp – Different Class – 12/04/2012 – AW”

  1. That was the next one on my list, mind reader. Unfortunately got a few things to do today so probably gonna have to be tomo. I’ve been looking, I know what you mean got no money at the moment at all at the moment so that’s gonna have to wait. Any other songs you suggest I should listen to?

      1. They didn’t play live for 10 years so there wasn’t much of a chance of getting into them earlier… 🙂
        Jarvis Cocker plays more often though.

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