Paul Weller – That Dangerous Age

What I really admire about Paul Weller is the fact that he isn’t scared to go and put new stuff into his music, for example adding instruments that bring different sounds, he’s not afraid of moving along with music and try new and innovative stuff, and I think this song just proves it. I really liked he’s previous album ‘Wake up the Nation’ because that was a bit different and interesting. When he announced his new album was coming out I was excited to see what else he could do to advance that bit further, and play it that bit more dangerous. Although he brings these new elements into his music, he still has that attitude in his music that he’s always since ‘The Jam’ and ‘The Style Council’

Paul Weller, chilling out, have a smoke.

I really like the video to the song, looks pretty cool, very appealing to the eye I believe. The song itself, I think is quite daunting and scary in parts with Paul’s smoky voice singing over it. I would of loved to have a Weller guitar solo on this song, or a proper catchy riff I think either of those elements could have only made the song. Not Over struck by it at the moment…I think it’s a grower though so give it a couple of days, I’ll be all over it. Long live The Modfather.

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