Arctic Monkeys take ‘suck it and see’ to the Hollywood Bowl

I’m going to see these guys in November at the Birmingham LG Arena, which I’m looking forward too because Iv’e never went to see them before because I’ve only recently come in to some money, student loan *cough*.

Apparently, according to NME magazine they played a blinder of a gig along with Warpaint, TV on the Radio, Panda Bear and Smiths Western. Being the type of guy Alex Turner is, he like to have a laugh, doesn’t take himself to seriously he came on to the stage with entrance music of ‘you sexy thing’ by Hot Chocolate. Again he was wearing his leather jacket, seems to be wearing it quite a lot recently, and he also had his quiff. When I first saw this haircut, I thought it looked a bit like Danny in grease, not saying it’s a bad thing but it was quite brave. Then again he’s rich, people worship him, they love his music what does he care, I know that I wouldn’t.

Surprisingly only five of the songs they played were off the new album ‘suck it and see’, which were:

‘She’s Thunderstorms’

‘Don’t sit down cause I’ve moved your chair’

‘Brick by brick’

‘The Hellcat spangled shalalala’

‘All my own stunts’

So they left out a few of the songs off the new album I thought they would of played such as ‘Reckless Serenade’ , ‘Library pictures’ and ‘Black Treacle’ (not a big favorite but I’m quite fond of it). They also played five songs from their second album ‘favorite worst nightmare’. Two songs from their third album ‘Humbug’ and fours songs from their amazing first album ‘Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not’. So they didn’t forget to play any of their old classics, which is good because people still love to hear the’r old stuff, as I know a lot of people prefer their old stuff.

So glad to see them out, getting themselves warmed up for the UK tour, which I’m sure won’t be a let down. If you haven’t got a ticket, I’d consider it even if your not to keen on their new stuff they’re going to play there old material.

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